May INTP's funny surprises


A behaviorist who now enjoys

You are curious and active personality. You are the one trying to enjoy this moment. You are brave and adventurous. They are always sociable and natural.

They are always active and love to play. You want to get involved in anything that is bright and fun. You are the type that is often the focus of the group. You want to attract the attention of others.

You love what you enjoy with your senses, like meals and fashion items. You have many hobbies and are enthusiastic about your interests.

You like throbbing things and surprises. You immerse yourself in a place where danger lurks and dances in the exciting everyday life that you will overcome it with your own strength.
They don't like a monotonous or dark story and try to distract the story.

You are also good at finding realistic solutions to the problem. You don't waste a lot of time unnecessarily.

You are tolerant and free. You like freedom more than anything and you feel stressed in an environment where sacrifice or service is forced.

You suddenly take unexpected actions and confuse people around you. They are often irresponsible and lacking in patience.

But those kind of people who are said to be only a few percent of the whole thing give us a lot of pleasant thrills and excitement. It is a precious existence that stimulates boring everyday life.


Full of curiosity.
You are active and charming.
You're always busy.
Versatile and manual skill.
You like to please people.
You are tolerant of yourself and of others. popular person.
Sharp insight. Search change.

Suitable job

You work well with a lot of people.
They are not suitable for routine work, work that requires subtleties or precision.
You want jobs that can take risks and act boldly.

It will demonstrate its power in sales, service, entertainment, sports, exciting tasks.

Common mistakes

They make you uncomfortable and confuse the environment.
You have no planning and act impulsively.
You have no patience.

Those kind of famous people

John F. Kennedy
Winston Churchill
Donald Trump
Ernest Hemingway
Thomas Edison
Taylor Swift

16 typical personalities

Make a test

1. ESTJ - Efficient and practical organizers
2. ISTJ - thorough and responsible administrators
3. ESFJ - Affected and supportive people
4. ISFJ - Respectful and Considerate Guardian
5. ESTP - A behaviorist who enjoys now
6. ISTP - Individualist who likes thrills
7. ESFP - free spirit and fun-loving people
8. ISFP - Pacifist Who Wants Harmony
9. ENTJ - Efficient organizers focused on strategic optimization
10. INTJ - creative thinker
11. ENTP - Entrepreneur aiming for creativity and innovation
12. INTP - Intelligence Seekers
13. ENFJ - Engaging and compelling communicators
14. INFJ - Quiet idealist
15. ENFP - Freedom and Curiosity and Optimism
16. INFP - Idiosyncratic dreamers with strong ideas