What is the average salary for a neuropsychologist

Neuropsychologist salary

A high salary as a neuropsychologist is not uncommon. A salary of up to 6000 euros is definitely in it for you. Of course, there are deviations from this sum, both upwards and downwards. In clinics you can expect a higher salary in most cases compared to employment in a private practice. Your salary as a neuropsychologist is roughly based on the collective agreement for the public service. Thus, the salary increases automatically every year, as it is based on professional experience. With a master’s degree, which you absolutely need as a neuropsychologist, you will usually end up in salary group 13. Here your starting salary as a neuropsychologist is around 3100 euros gross per month. However, since you are a very sought-after specialist as a neuropsychologist, you also have the opportunity to negotiate your salary.

Of course, you also have the chance to set up your own practice. For this, however, you need your license to practice medicine so that you can settle accounts with the health insurance companies. If you work as a certified neuropsychologist, there are a certain number of statutory health insurance patients that you definitely have to treat. You can decide for yourself about the number of private patients. As an outpatient neuropsychologist you have the advantage that you accompany your patients for years, but this can have a negative effect on your salary, especially if you are self-employed. After all, you only earn something if you also have patients - but that shouldn't be a problem for your earnings as a neuropsychologist, after all, you are in great demand with this profession.

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