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When can the electricity provider switch off the electricity?

Basic suppliers can interrupt the power supply in the event of significant payment arrears and after appropriate threats. Only the local basic supplier or the metering point operator can switch off the electricity; alternative electricity providers, however, have no responsibility for the local grid.

Which electricity providers offer night power?

Double-tariff meters or two-tariff meters enable the electricity consumption to be differentiated according to main and off-peak times. The main time is usually during the day, the off-peak time at night. That is why one speaks of day- and night power. If a double tariff meter is installed at your delivery point, you can specify in the individual settings for the CHECK24 electricity comparison what percentage of your electricity you use approximately at night. The list of results gives you an overview of all suppliers who supply consumers with dual tariff meters.

Which electricity provider is permanently cheap?

Electricity providers can only partially influence the electricity price themselves. If the state taxes, levies or network charges are increased, the suppliers often pass the price difference on to the customers. If you want to protect yourself from unexpected price increases, choose tariffs with a price guarantee. In this case, the increase in government levies or taxes cannot affect the contractually stipulated electricity price. The CHECK24 electricity calculator includes at least one price fix. This includes all price components with the exception of taxes and government levies.

When the electricity provider cancels

A termination on the part of the electricity supplier is extremely rare. However, it can happen that the provider has to terminate for economic reasons. Either because bankruptcy has to be filed or the network operator is blocking the transmission of electricity, for example. The electricity provider also has the right to terminate the payment if the customer is in arrears. A termination does not, however, mean an immediate interruption in supply. Get in touch with your supplier at an early stage as soon as there are discrepancies about the invoice amounts, so that there is no termination or even a power cut.

What happens if the electricity provider goes bankrupt?

If the electricity provider has to file for bankruptcy, there is no need to fear an interruption in the power supply. In this case, according to the Energy Industry Act, the local basic supplier is obliged to step in and take over the replacement supply for up to three months. That means you have time to look for a new electricity supplier who will supply you with electricity in the future. With the CHECK24 electricity calculator, you can quickly and easily compare electricity providers with one another and switch providers directly online.

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