What are more revolutionary ad tech companies

The young AdTech company HYGH would like to break up this system with its own model and is striving for revolutionary measures.

HYGH: the fight of David against Goliath

Digital outdoor advertising is ubiquitous and firmly in hand. Industry giants shape urban landscapes and human metropolitan areas such as train stations or shopping streets with their advertising spaces and screens. Over the years, these companies have established themselves on the market and systematized monopoly-like structures.

These structures are the driving force for HYGH. This is based on the growing frustration of taking a completely different path. Before the start-up, the people responsible for the start-up experienced the sobering laws of the market, which require a financial investment of more than 50,000 euros for a campaign and do not allow any flexibility within ongoing campaigns. Fritz Frey in an interview: “Our plan was to invest a sum of around € 50,000, which was the first hurdle. We were swept away because 50,000 euros were not enough. After lengthy discussions, we decided a week later to increase our advertising budget to € 100,000 and so they were more willing to sit down with us. "

Most companies offer various packages that advertisers can book in a fixed process. HYGH attacks these points and does not shy away from facing up to the established competition. Flexibility is an important factor at HYGH. “With the current providers, screens cannot be booked individually, but only as entire networks and the designs have to be submitted at least three months in advance. That was too inflexible for us, ”adds Antonius Link, adding the personal experiences of the founders back then.

HYGH: AdTech from Berlin

The start-up's mission is clearly defined. The existing structures of DOOH advertising (digital out-of-home) are to be broken. The current clumsiness, centralization and inflexibility are to be overcome and replaced by a revolutionary model. In the long term, HYGH should become the global standard in the advertising industry.

The Future of outdoor advertising the AdTech company wants to usher in a global digital outdoor advertising network with the latest technology in this area. A P2P platform, in which advertisers and providers of digital advertising displays can correspond at all levels, should enable the market to be decentralized and opened up.

The entire Content management system can be managed easily and conveniently for both parties via an app. Individuals, start-ups, medium-sized companies, large corporations and other interested parties are able to place digital out-of-home advertising regardless of budget, resources and company size.

On the other hand, every advertising provider can generate passive income by placing advertising in their business premises, be it a locality, a restaurant or a hotel. Digital outdoor advertising couldn't be easier.

The concept in the example

HYGH wants to simplify the industry through the aspects Real time, hyperlocality and Time specificity intensify further. Campaigns can be modified in real time to react to current events.

For example, a roofing company is currently running a campaign on an advertising display located in a local restaurant. The location has a large glass front, so that an unobstructed view of the outside is possible. In the evening the restaurant is very well attended and over time a hailstorm sets in, causing property damage to buildings, among other things.

The roofing company can react to this development in real time and give emphasis to its current campaign. With a formative advertising slogan such as “Protect your home from wind and weather”, the situation can be used to advantage and directly appealed to potential recipients.

Financing process for everyone

The three founders Fritz Frey (investor relations & co-founder), Antonius Link (hardware & co-founder) and Vincent Müller (CEO & co-founder) ensure the successful implementation of the aspired goals in the HYGH team. In addition to the management level, people from all over the world work for the AdTech company, made up of a group of innovators and changemakers. The technological know-how is undoubtedly available.

Despite the ambitious goals, HYGH is still at the beginning and needs to get started with start-up capital. For the financing process, the company opted for blockchain crowdfunding via Security Token Offering (STO). The crypto currency HYGH Security Token was specially created for this purpose, which is subject to the provisions of the US stock exchange regulators and the Swiss financial regulators. Investors should benefit from this financing process. Token holders are entitled to nine percent of the total sales carried out within the HYGH ecosystem.

At the largest trade fair for digitization and advertising, DMEXCO, HYGH will present itself to the specialist audience this year and will prove whether it meets the high demands. One is excited and looking forward to a little variety in the forever same advertising forest.

This article was written in collaboration with the external editor F. Vogelberg.