What is the largest water pistol

The largest water pistol in the world sends water at 497 km / h

What do you do in your free time when you are employed by NASA? How about building the largest water pistol in the world? That is exactly what the American Mark Rober did.

The ultimate water gun that can pierce watermelon and glass!

When summer comes, it's time to find a good way to stay cool. Water gun fights are a classic way to have fun while staying cool.

Do you think you have the best water gun out there? I'm sorry, but your toy probably doesn't match Mark Rober's surreal machine.

This man spent six months building the largest water pistol in the world, measuring over 2 meters!

The story of the “Super Soaker”

Mark has always been intrigued by the way the Super Soakers company worked on developing their consumer water guns.

So it was only natural that he decided to create his own, but without first consulting the inventor of the Super Soaker, Lonnie Johnson.

Johnson explains that he first got the idea for this type of water gun in 1982 while trying out a work project.

He was in his bathroom when he blew water through a hose across the room, an idea from a child that would lead to the development of the "Super Soaker" cannon.

The comparison

In building his unprecedented water pistol, Rober applied the same principles as when creating the original "Super Soaker".

Despite the use of 8 liters of water and a high-capacity nitrogen tank to force the water out of the tube, Robert’s “Super Soaker” has almost the same properties and the same shape as Lonnie Johnson’s water pistol.

In the original Super Soaker, the water is stored in the upper part of the cannon, but Rober has stored it in the lower part for more stability.

The details

The pressure of the cannon is obviously much higher than that of the original, with a speed of up to 500 km / h!

This huge pistol has 8 times more pressure than a firefighter's hose!

Rober also has two interchangeable nozzles, one with a small diameter opening for high flow velocity and another with a larger diameter for maximum water flow.

That means that at this stage it is no longer a toy, but a real weapon capable of destroying resistant objects!

Applying it directly to a person could cause serious injury or even worse.

This weapon is therefore used with great caution and only in a safe environment for demonstration purposes!