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Development engineer: all information about the job!

Does the job of development engineer suit you, if?

  • you through creativity distinguish.
  • you can quickly find solutions to various problems.
  • you great mathematical and technical understanding you bring with you.
  • the development of new products excites you.
  • you feel like to work internationally.

Table of Contents

  1. Education
  2. tasks
  3. Salary prospects
  4. Alternative professions
  5. Future perspective
  6. overview

This is how you become a development engineer: studying

Many roads lead to a career as a development engineer: Here's how you can start with almost any engineering degree - such as mechanical engineering, vehicle technology, Mechatronics or electrical engineering - and can then work as a development engineer. Depending on your degree, you can find a place in a suitable industry. No matter which degree you choose, you can go with one large proportion of math and physics calculate, but also computer science. Depending on the degree, there are also other aspects. In addition, during your studies you will learn how to use the various calculation programs you need to design products. Since many development engineers work internationally, there are also many courses Foreign language skills in addition, for example English lessons with a focus on math and science.

The tasks of a development engineer

Development engineers design products, machines and systems and develop and improve technical solutions for a wide variety of problems. You will work very closely with the customers in order to develop possible solutions and find out what their needs and wishes are.
Much of your work as a development engineer takes place on the computer. There you create the drafts for the products that you develop and work on creating the most suitable result for your customers. For the test phase, however, it goes beyond the theoretical work. You have to coordinate with suppliers and do administrative work, such as making sure that there is enough capacity in your company to manufacture and test the product. Because that extensive testing is importantto make sure your solution works.

Salary: This is how much you earn as a development engineer

If you are studying with a Bachelor you will earn when you start your professional life on average 47,000 euros gross per year. With a Master's degree it is average 49,000 to 51,000 euros gross annual salary. The higher degree definitely pays off.

The more work experience you have, the more yours will increase Engineer salary. So it can after about five years of experience already between 60,000 and 67,000 euros gross per year are, after more than ten years, even 76,000 to 81,000 euros gross per year. That is a big leap from the starting salary. Of course, it also depends on the company you work for. Larger, internationally operating companies pay a higher salary than small or medium-sized companies. The state in which you work can also have an impact on your salary. If you get a management position within your company, your salary can also increase by up to 25 percent.

Alternative professions

Electrical engineer

Electrical engineer can be the first step on the way to Development engineer be. Development engineers design and assemble electrical machines and systems. With an average starting salary of EUR 45,225 gross per year, they are among the top earners among engineers.


Around Designer you can train to become a technical draftsman or system planner, or study at a university, for example mechanical or civil engineering. Then there is a further education to the designer who full-time about six months lasts. As a designer, you plan and develop new products that you create on the computer, similar to development engineers.

Civil engineer

As Civil engineer plan, you calculate and construct buildings. You are also very close to the construction. In addition to being responsible for the buildings, you also have to pay attention to problems such as noise protection or environmental protection! In this profession you can specialize in different ways: in civil engineering, traffic route engineering or hydraulic engineering.

Development engineer: a job with a future

As a development engineer, you not only have the opportunity to work in a company, but also to open your own engineering office and to make yourself self-employed. This means that you can not only determine your working hours, but also your priorities yourself and distinguish yourself in the area that interests you most.
Overall, the profession of development engineer is a Profession with a future: because this Engineers belong to the All-round talents among their colleagues and are therefore always in demand. Especially with the problems that need new, innovative solutions. This will also be the case in the future, especially with transport systems and environmental technology!

Overview: The most important information about the profession of development engineer

  • To become a development engineer, you can take one of many engineering courses.
  • Your Starting salary is, depending on the degree and company, between 47,000 euros and 51,000 euros gross per year.
  • To yours tasks as a development engineer, the Design and development of machines, systems and plants.
  • Especially in the Vehicle industry and in the environmental engineering development engineers are becoming increasingly popular.

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