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Note: The order / selection does not represent an objective evaluation or tests. Some online courses are free, while others can buy a certificate or pay for participation. Many courses are in English as high quality courses often come from international universities.

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Computer science

  • Java for beginners: German beginners course at the Hasso Plattner Institute (University of Potsdam) (more)
  • Introduction to Computer Science: Over 1 million participants in this Harvard University MOOC (more)
  • The complete web developer course: Basic course in German at Udemy (more)
  • Internet History, Technology and Security: University of Michigan video course with cult professor "Dr. Chuck" (more)
  • Web Design for Everybody: Extensive series of courses at Coursera (more)
  • Business Informatics: Basic course at the German provider iversity (more)
  • Machine learning: Probably the most famous introductory course on ML from Stanford professor and artificial intelligence expert Andrew Ng (more)
  • Artificial Intelligence: Udacity introductory course on AI (next)
  • Linux for everyone: Introduction to the Open Source Operating System (more)
  • Data Science: IBM course series for beginners (more)
  • Python Bootcamp: Fee-based course by a German programmer (continue)

(all computer science courses)


  • Basic course in business administration: Video recording of the basic lecture at the University of Hamburg (more)
  • At Entire MBA in 1 Course: Of course, this Udemy course does not replace an MBA, but gives an overview of selected areas (more)
  • Marketing: Introductory lecture at the University of Bremen on buying behavior, prices, brands (more)
  • Financial Markets: Introductory Course by a Nobel Laureate from Yale University (more)
  • Game theory: Online lecture series with 11 lessons from ETH Zurich (more)
  • Competitive Strategy: The University of Munich teaches an English-language introduction at Coursera with hundreds of thousands of participants worldwide (more)
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: Princeton University Explains Blockchain Technology (more)
  • Introduction to Public Speaking: Introduction to Presentations and Public Speaking (next)

(all business courses)

Technology, natural sciences

  • Basics of electrical engineering: Video lecture at Clausthal University of Technology (more)
  • Finally understand math: This free course from the German platform oncampus is especially suitable for students (more)
  • Introduction to Probability: Learn probability theory and statistics online at MIT (continue)
  • Highlights of Modern Astronomy: Introductory MOOC from the University of Rochester, New York (more)
  • Anatomy: Anatomy course series at edX with 4 individual courses that can also be taken separately (continue)
  • Introduction to Biology: Well-known basic course of the American MIT (more)
  • Extinctions: The University of Cape Town explains the extinction of species (more)
  • Understanding Einstein: Stanford University explains the special theory of relativity for beginners without prior knowledge (more)
  • Photo MOOC: Everything about digital photography at oncampus (more)

(all online courses on engineering, physics / astronomy, chemistry, biology, math / statistics, other natural sciences)

Trailer: "Finally understanding math" at oncampus (German)

Social sciences, miscellaneous

  • Art history: Introductory lecture by an art historian at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, available on YouTube (more)
  • Masterpieces of World Literature: Harvard course on world literature (more)
  • Old story: Overview of Greek and Roman history from the University of Hamburg (more)
  • Introduction to the Middle Ages: Lecture recording of the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (more)
  • Big History: Interdisciplinary online course on the history of the world at Coursera (more)
  • Architectural Imagination: Popular introductory MOOC on architecture from Harvard (more)
  • Justice: Meanwhile already legendary beginners' course on moral philosophy with Professor Michael J. Sandel (more)
  • Freedom from a philosophical point of view: Online lecture of the University of Tübingen (more)
  • Learning How to Learn: One of the most popular courses at Coursera, it is about learning techniques and the functions of the human brain (more)
  • The Science of Happiness: The University of California, Berkeley Introduces Positive Psychology (on)
  • Basics of commercial law: Online lecture at the University of Bonn (more)
  • 1st state examination: Comprehensive course series for German law students, fee-based at Lecturio (more)
  • Intro to Food and Health: A Stanford professor explains healthy eating concepts (more)
  • Basic knowledge of Islam: A professor from the University of Munich describes the basics of Islam from a scientific point of view (more)
  • Moral Foundation of Politics: Yale University explains political theory at Coursera (more)
  • Intro to Psychology: Introduction to Psychology from the University of Toronto (more)
  • Work Psychology: Free MOOC from a Swiss professor (more)
  • Start Talking with 1.3 Billion People: Chinese language course at edX (more)

(all online courses on social sciences, art / culture, law, philosophy, education, religion, politics, psychology, history, languages, architecture)

Trailer: "Introduction to Food and Health" from Stanford University (English)

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