Why does everyone hate Petunia Dursley

Joanne K. Rowling Reveals: Why Uncle Vernon hates Harry Potter so much

An uncomfortable "room" under the stairs the size of a wardrobe: For years, this was Harry Potter's only place of retreat. The world-famous sorcerer's apprentice grew up - before he went to Hogwarts - with his aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon Dursley. And these two treated the scion anything but loving - and pampered their biological son Dudley.

"Harry Potter" creator Joanne K. Rowling (49) is now revealing - exactly 18 years after the first novel in the successful series - the secret of why Uncle Vernon hates his nephew so much. Everything has to do with Harry's father James ...

Harry has lived with his aunt and uncle since he was two. But they keep it secret, hide it and treat it badly. Whenever something goes wrong with Vernon and he gets one of his outbursts of anger, it's Harry's fault.

On Rowling's fan website "Pottermore", the declaration of the feud, for which fans had to wait almost two decades, is finally available!

The story goes far into the past. After her engagement to Vernon, Petunia wanted to know what he thought of her sister Lily (Harry's mother). After all, Lily is a sorceress. So everyone made an appointment in the restaurant and Lily brought her friend James Potter - also a wizard - with her.

"James was very amused by Vernon and didn't hide it," writes bestselling author Rowling. When Vernon wants to know which car James is driving, he describes his broom.

And when Vernon claims the wizard is sure to get unemployment benefits, James tells him about his gold fortune at the wizarding bank Gringotts. The choleric Vernon's patience breaks. He thinks James is kidding him.

He rushed out of the restaurant with Petunia in tow.

Lily is crying, James feels guilty - and Petunia no longer wants her own sister as a bridesmaid at her wedding. The hatred between James and Vernon never subsided. The last meeting of the four-man troop was when Harry Potter was born.

Vernon therefore does not at all like that he and Petunia should take the scion after the death of Lily and James.

Joanne K. Rowling explains that Harry reminded his uncle of James. Because the young wizard is his father's face after all - and Vernon's dislike carried over to Harry. Although this cannot help it.

Funny extra: Joanne K. Rowling explains on “Pottermore” how the unusual name “Petunia” came about: as a child she always thought of this name for unappealing characters when playing with her sister.