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Victaulic & SSI: Creating a Heavenly Wedding

Victaulic's collaboration with SSI's Autodesk ShipConstructor promises a streamlined design process, easier access to Victaulic's piping specifications, and proves that the integration of hardware data and existing design technology saves time, money, weight, and headaches for ship designers and shipyards alike.

Is Victaulic's Proven Turnkey Approach to Pipe Connections Right for You? It depends on a lot of things, but when better design options and a measurable benchmark for the total installed cost savings benefit your bottom line, then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying. And now the SSI catalog content, which is included in SSI's ShipConstructor software, offers ship architects and shipyards a convenient way of asking, "What if?"

In short, Autodesk ShipConstructor Pipe software helps you design, design, and document building systems. If you're creating more accurate designs and increasing productivity in a familiar AutoCAD-based environment, importing Victaulic content provides front-end comparisons and benefits for new build or retrofit projects.

Victaulic and SSI's native MEP-CAD content - including IPS Series couplings and fittings, valves, strainer and flange adapters - presented by Victaulic and SSI at the 2017 International Workboat Show is a win-win for everyone involved. Darren Guillory, Technical Solutions Specialist at SSI ShipConstructor Software, said, "It is a win for Victaulic because it gives its fantastic products a far greater market exposure. It is a win for the end user as it lowers costs in many ways, and for themselves." ShipConstructor also improves our product offering. It's a win for everyone. On our part, we're always trying to improve our software - that's one way to do just that. "

Advantage: SSI & Victaulic
Thanks to a new and more convenient data source, designers have a new tool at their disposal. Since both the metric and imperial versions can be loaded and imported, the financial benefits of integrating the Victaulic catalog with SSI's sophisticated but easy-to-use software are quickly apparent. "For shipbuilding, for example," says Kenneth Verlinden, Virtual Design EMEIA & Content Manager at Victaulic, "We are looking for weight savings because shipbuilding is largely associated with flanges. And a flange has weight that is connected with bolts and nuts . And of course we have time savings with Victaulic through flanging. "

SSI's Guillory adds, "When it comes to catalog items and equipment that resides within the ShipConstructor environment, any of these catalog items can be incorporated into a reporting system. Since this data is in the catalog, you can perform a comparative weight study when You want it. So if you upgraded from a standard piping system to a Victaulic system, you could see the difference in weight and space that you would get. "

Ultimately, the shipowner receives a faster designed, more cost-effective ship that goes through the assembly process with fewer of these dreaded and expensive "change orders".

That said; The biggest benefactors will initially be the design firms and shipyards. Guillory continues, "Sure, because you already have the advantage of using ShipConstructor and just importing those catalogs into your design. There is also a marketing advantage to Victaulic because appraisers at these shipyards and design agents can go with it because they're dated Design can get to production much faster. "

Follow the money
The only thing users don't see in the software and their Victaulic Catalog Add-On is the cost difference between a traditional flaring system and what Victaulic brings to market. This is because the costs are usually an estimate or front office function. In terms of time savings, how much faster a Victaulic system can be put together, it doesn't show in the software. "The Victaulic grooving system will take less and less time," says Victaulics Verlinden. And as every shipyard manager knows, time is money.

Is it difficult to import Victaulic product data into SSI platforms? Not really, says SSI's Guillory. The collaboration includes a 3D component, which can be particularly important if BWTS systems are to be retrofitted to existing tonnage. "Yes, and since ShipConstructor runs on the Autodesk product, we can export directly to the Navisworks product and model what you are creating as accurately as possible with models for design and / or review."

Victaulic's role in the equation doesn't end with putting its data into the SSI environment.

This is because this collaboration will ultimately lead to more precise proposals and more dynamic advance documentation. "You have accurate manufacturer content, so if you do it traditionally, and you have Victaulic in the back of your mind, if someone has to do the conversion, you run the risk of missing out or having too much material. With CAD software Like this one you have all the parts and bolts, so to speak, you have all the information in a report and send it to a Victaulic representative and then you can get an accurate price estimate. "

The benefits go even deeper, says SSI Guillory. "When Victaulic hits the market, typically an SSI user or a company using an SSI design tool, the engineering company usually needs to create its own catalog. Because Victaulic has the ability to quickly import it, saves the individual user having to move from part to part within the catalog, if your weight restrictions are specific and you are designing or adding your catalog, or if you are rewriting from a catalog you have on your desk instead of directly from the Obtaining manufacturers who have developed this catalog means huge cost savings. "

Legacy Hardware & Software: A Wedding in Heaven
The new collaboration between Victaulic and SSI will go live for customers in the first half of April. Integrating Victaulic's legacy hardware into an industry-standard software package is a natural evolution of Victaulic's forward-looking vertical integration process. While Victaulic continues to have a rich and diverse history, it also constantly anticipates emerging and established technologies. SSI's Guillory says it's exactly the way to go.

"That's key. It gives the customer the flexibility to work with the Victaulic toolset if they so choose, and SSI does not hold an inherent pipe catalog, so the Victaulic option provides greater flexibility and the ability to target a particular pipe set access. "

Since the 1920s, Victaulic couplings have shown their value in countless marine applications with early approvals from Lloyds Register and Bureau Veritas among others. These products are common parts of the marine sector, the use of which is limited only by the imagination of designers, builders and operators who are constantly finding new uses to improve their bottom line. And now designers don't have to work so hard to make this happen.

"Traditional" piping methods (such as welding) can take years of experience to become efficient and productive. Conversely, the learning curve for grooved products from Victaulic is reduced to a few days. This time saving, coupled with an optimized design process made possible by a clever collaboration with a mainstream software provider, could be a decisive factor for the future.

At Victaulic, vertical integration at the base definition involves providing innovative pipe fitting solutions that take a one-stop-shop approach to in-house control of all tooling, material production, training, service, sales, and everything in between. All of this is complemented by Victaulics cost and labor analysis, weight analysis, site training, and installation inspection with each sale. Added to this is the convenience of design CAD / CAM software integration? This is a heaven made marriage.

(As in the April 2018 issue of Marine News released )