Can the Karstarks warrant themselves?

Can Bran Stark control dragons?

The answer would be "No, he probably can't". We can't answer this from show canon as the show never mentioned an encounter between Wargs and Dragons. So we have to see history in books.

Examples of wargs encountering dragons

The only example of when wargs faced dragons was when King Jaehaerys I Targaryen and his consort, Queen Alysanne the Good1 flew north to aid the Night's Watch and defeated a host of wildlings, wargs, and giants on the wall. Pictured Queen Alysanne on Silverwing on the wall during the campaign 2 :

No warg managed to control Vermithor (Mount of Jaehaerys) or Silverwing (Mount of Alysanne). This is implied because if a warg had managed it it would have been a huge event and should have been recorded in chronicles on the clock or some other record.

This would likely have caused the death of the dragon rider the warg is targeting as well, since the logical movement of any part of the warg would be to cause the dragon to knock its rider to the ground. However, since nothing of the kind is reported, we can assume that it never happened.

If trained and experienced Wildling Wargs couldn't control dragons, then we might assume that untrained and green bran can't either.

Claim / control a kite

We still don't know if skin alterers can hatch into dragons. Some may say that Dragonlords of Valyria might have used a different type of skin alteration to ride dragons because after a rider was claimed by a rider, the two of them shared a bond and became aware of each other (e.g. Dreamfyre broke their chains when her rider Queen Helaena Targaryen jumped from the Red Fort to die. But that would be a weak argument. The bond with a dragon seems very different.

But anyway, we know for blood magic that enabled Dragon Lords to claim dragons. Everything the Valyrians have achieved is attributed to their knowledge of blood magic.

Dragons are not like horses to be ridden by any man who wishes. They only serve the person who is their rider, e.g. B. Prince Joffrey Velaryon was cast to his death by Syrax, his mother Rhaenyra Targaryen's mount. Aegon the Conqueror flew Balerion, but he never dared mount his sisters' kites; Vhagar and Meraxes. No dragon rider has ever claimed two dragons.

All three of Daenerys' dragons were previously unclaimed. Daenerys has now claimed Drogon so it is unlikely that he will allow another driver until Daenerys is alive. However, Rhaegel and Viserion are available.

If Bran had been trained and knew how to slip into a dragon, we don't know what would have happened. Historically, only people with Valyrian blood have ridden a dragon. Even so, unlike his wolf, Bran does not share any bond with the dragons (Daenerys did, her dragons could sense their anger and danger and act accordingly). So it is unlikely that he can control a dragon. But since Bran as the new Green Seer would have more powers than most wargs, we don't know for sure whether he can control a dragon or not.

1. The tower where Jojen and Bran hid was actually named in memory of Queen Alysanne

2. Art by Emile Denis


Only every thousandth dermal changer is born as a green seer ... of course he can.


@TheMathemagician How exactly do you conclude the "Of course he can" part? That sounds pretty safe.


Dragons don't behave that differently from other animals, and wargs own animals. Varamyr had no prior attachment to his shadow cat or bear, so that's unnecessary. We know that Bran is a Greenseer who is an extraordinary form of warg. Hence, Bran should be able to transform into dragons. It is the opposite position - that dragons are somehow immune to war - that needs special justification.


@TheMathemagician Dragon immunity is based on speculation about some event in the past (RE: King Jaehaerys and Army of the Wildlings). Do you have any clue as to where a warg or greenseer managed to take a kite? also we still don't know if skin alterers can hatch into dragons.Some may say that Dragonlords of Valyria might have used a different type of skin alteration to ride dragons


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