How are Burberry products designed and manufactured

Panel curtain wall BURBERRY CHICAGO

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The Burberry Chicago flagship store features a stainless steel facade system designed and manufactured by Zahner. In the early 2000s, Burberry began a global transition to re-establish the Burberry name as an international brand. As part of this transition, a number of Burberry flagship projects were completed, designed by Callison + Barteluce and Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey. One of the core strategies of Burberry's transformation was to reintroduce its core products with distinctive flagship features. Zahner worked as a facade supplier for many concept stores and flagship properties. Designers come to Zahner because of the high quality craftsmanship and the innovative, design-oriented details that give these stores a sense of quality that puts a brand in the museum quality field. Burberry Chicago is no different. The new building, completed in December 2012, has a number of high-quality connection details that give the building a unique aesthetic under the Chicago architecture. Zahner was hired on the Burberry Chicago project to develop a black stainless steel facade and lighting system that would meet the highest standards of museum metalwork desired by Burberry. Burberry's in-house designers developed the vision under the direction of Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey. In an interview with Michigan Ave, Bailey described how Burberry's vision meets Chicago aesthetics: "Chicago feels like a place where there is an admiration for something that has a long legacy and that we naturally like."


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