How do you repair a boat bulkhead

Refit: Small tips with a big impact


Similar to the goods on display on the floor, the sky often conveys a somewhat antiquated atmosphere below deck. The first thing to check here is whether there are any cables above the sky. If so, they can be relocated, for example, in channels at the connection between the superstructure and deck. Then there is the possibility of doing without cladding and painting the structure. This variant should first be painted black so that the sun does not shine through the laminate

Only then do several layers of undercoat and varnish in the desired shade follow. Alternatively, the sky can also be renewed. In the case of covered wood, there are several options: The wood is re-covered or the wood is not covered, but varnished. A wooden sky can either be refurbished or - if damage is visible - painted in color. The most expensive variant of new plywood. The fastening can be released with press studs or Velcro.


Replacing the upholstery fabrics can have a big impact. Often dark fabrics were used in the past, which contributed their part to the cellar effect. The problem is that light-colored fabrics are sensitive to dirt, which is impractical on board. One solution can be patterned fabrics, which can have a high proportion of light colors without being too sensitive, for example striped or checked fabrics. However, upholstering yourself as a layperson requires a lot of skill.

Schapps and cupboards

Similar to bulkheads, it is easy to achieve a bit of brightness in closets and cupboards without having to completely do without wood. Most of the time, doors and flaps are made of plywood with edging. Then you can, for example, sand the entire surface, paint the plywood surface white and only leave the edge strips clear. Or - if the wood is still fit - choose the moderate variant, leave the doors clear and just paint the cabinet itself in color.