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Linkfluence Germany GmbH : Linkfluence launches its own solution for image recognition

Dusseldorf, Germany, Feb. 6 / PRNewswire / -

- New feature will be presented at VivaTechnology

Linkfluence now has its own automatic image recognition feature on its social data platform Radarly. With this proprietary application, the social data intelligence company is securing its strong position in the multi-billion dollar market of digital image recognition and analysis in the long term. The new technology will be presented to VivaTechnology in Paris on Friday, June 16, 2017, at 10.30 a.m. in the Hall of Tech at stand J31.

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The decoding and reading of content from visual media is a key technology in the digital markets. In 2016 alone, users distributed more than three billion images on social networks. Whether Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest or YouToube - image-based communication channels can be used internationally and are seen as the most important global "language" on the web. Visual communication is therefore becoming even more important for companies for their brand management than it already is. Economists and market research institutes estimate the value of the data in the visual web for the year 2021 at 38 billion dollars.

"We are pleased that our R&D team, with its innovative approach, has succeeded in combining artificial intelligence (AI) technologies with processing large amounts of data in real time," says Hervé Simonin, CEO of Linkfluence. "It was a milestone for us that we were able to use the deep learning mathematical approaches of the French researcher Yan Lecun, now director of the AI ​​laboratory at Facebook," adds Hugo Zanghi, CTO of Linkfluence. "We were able to create a unique combination of this knowledge with the open data technologies of large research institutions and our expertise in processing big data in real time." The speed of data processing was one of the major challenges in the development, according to Zanghi. "Today we can deliver more than 100,000 pieces of content in real time."

Linkfluence analyzes more than 150 million online conversations in real time every day. The combination of this "hypervolume" of conventional conversation data with a large amount of image-based data enables a much more precise forecast of trends and developments for companies, says Dr. Volker Meise, COO of Linkfluence Germany: "With our tools, brands can recognize the content of, for example, images, photos and logos as well as their presence in different places on the Internet. They can also record the times of the day their products are used, and even recognize and identify counterfeits Fight brand piracy more effectively. "

About Linkfluence

Linkfluence is a leading provider of social media intelligence. The company offers unique solutions for media monitoring, analysis and activation of social media channels. Through its Radarly software suite and related services, Linkfluence collects and analyzes more than 150 million posts every day. Linkfluence was founded in France in 2006, now has more than 200 employees at locations in Germany, China, France, Great Britain, Singapore and Spain, and is still growing. The company looks after more than 300 reference customers worldwide, including well-known corporations such as Danone, Sanofi, Orange, Accor, McDonald's and Groupama. For more information, please visit: http://www.linkfluence.com

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