How can a teenager control their anger

Teenagers: 7 Tips To Solve Common Problems

Recognize the reasons and understand teenagers better

Whoever understands a problem can deal with it better. In other words, if parents know that their hormones are not really their child, but that their hormones are going crazy, they can deal better with adolescent teenagers. At this age, for example, the release of the sleep hormone melatonin is delayed by a good two hours.

So the kids don't actually get tired until two hours later, so they don't go to bed in the evening. However, the hormonal change also leads - as in menopause - to mood swings. And the fact that teenagers only have crap in their heads is due to the maturation of their brains: The area responsible for reason remains a construction site for a very long time. It is also because of this that puberty has so little control over their emotions.

Who am I? What shall become of me? Will I be recognized in the clique? How does love go Puberty is a time of big questions and deep insecurities. In the worst case scenario, many young people show signs of depression and flee into eating disorders, alcohol abuse or violence. Here it is important to realize: the children really suffer. They need love - even if they sometimes don't deserve it or react negatively.

Stay tuned and be patient with teenagers

As in any relationship, a relationship with a teenager takes persistence. This means that you can endure inharmonious phases - especially when it comes to rules. Of course it's difficult because you actually want your sweet baby back. But that's gone forever, and now it's time to build a new, stable relationship with this adolescent.

Practice letting go of your own child

We know that you have to let your child go into life. But it should also be allowed to make mistakes. And there are other things that you can let go of - yes, should: your own anger and irritability. The advantage: Those who do not allow themselves to be constantly provoked can give their "puber animal" attention even when it is behaving impossibly.

Accepting impulses from teenagers

Adolescents exemplify change, explains the education expert Jan-Uwe Rogge. He says: "From the parental concentration on the children, from the family common ground, a new partnership develops, a changed 'two-person relationship' between father and mother." But the new trends and ideas that the kids bring home can also enrich the parents.

See the good in teenagers

Youth psychiatrist Ralph Dawirs explains that children who get out of hand and are constantly against everything are proof that everything has gone well so far. Why? Only those who have a thick cushion of love and self-confidence can misbehave - without fear of losing love. The expert also knows: lies are normal. This is how teenagers practice their social skills. So if the excuses are well made up, it's safe to let them go.

Remaining calm through puberty

It passes! Almost all puberty aliens became normal, nice, mature people at some point! Just like you do yourself. It is easier to get through the time until then if you take good care of yourself. So you are still a good role model!

And what about the sex?

Puberty actually sets in three months earlier than it did in the 1980s, but that doesn't mean that children have sex any earlier. The proportion of 14-year-old girls and boys who have already had sexual intercourse has even decreased. At that age, however, they experience their first real kiss. And by then they should be cleared up. But beyond the "theory", teenagers need the support of their parents. Studies have shown that even if they react ashamed, it is important to them to be able to talk to adults - parents or godparents - about love and sex.

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