How do you stay aware of God

New evangelization

2. Talk to others about him
"Faith comes from hearing," writes Pope em. Benedict XVI, then still Josef Ratzinger, in his work “Introduction to Christianity”. In contrast to philosophy, according to him, belief is not about “what I have thought up, but what has been said to me, which strikes me as what has not been thought up and cannot be thought up”. We therefore invite you, on your own personal quest, to seek out people with a living faith and to talk to them about it. Faith courses are a great way to get into conversation with others. You can find out where courses are offered in our diocese on the diocese map.

3. Learn more about him
To learn more about Jesus and the Christian faith, we recommend reading books about it - and the Bible in particular. It is helpful not to start at the very beginning of the Old Testament, but to start reading the Bible with the Gospels in the New Testament. Another help could be to meet with others to read passages from the Scriptures together and to exchange ideas. One form for this is, for example, the Lectio Divina. You can find out where there are Bible study groups and the like in your area on the diocese map.

4. Talk to Him
To speak to God is to pray. We can entrust everything to Him and ask Him to answer us too. Hearing his voice in the depths of our heart takes some practice and above all: silence. Bishop Stefan Oster recommends starting one of his sermons (read here) with 15 minutes a day. Help for this is offered, for example, by the “just PRAY together” campaign - a prayer network via Whatsapp groups.