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Negative scanner test - the best negative film scanners in comparison

With a negative scanner, old photo negatives and slides can be brought to the computer and processed quickly and efficiently. Nowadays there are numerous types of negative scanners on the market. Anyone who professionally digitize imagesand has a lot of slides, a negative scanner is very well advised.

Here we have summarized the top negative scanners in a comparison table to make your purchase easier.

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Negative scanner test: Interesting facts about negative film scanners

What is a negative scanner?

Negative scanners can be used for old slides and photo negatives. These scanners can be used to scan and digitize negatives. Whether you are scanning documents in the office or using a device for old memories, the principle of use is the same and ensures that old photos can also be edited on the PC without any problems.

Negative scanners guarantee that the scanning process can be carried out with just a few simple steps. If a conventional scanner of today has a rectangular and often large format, the negative scanner is more of a smaller, compact device that takes up little space.

Most of the devices available on the market today are set using one-touch controls. There is no simpler handling principle. Operation is also possible without a computer. For this, the negative scanner must be provided with a slot for memory cards. As a result, there are old vacation photos that can be added on the computer. In this way, the user can show his friends his life before the digital age in pictures on social media. The old vacation memories can also be easily transferred to a memory card and these can then be used later on the computer if desired.

If you want to buy a new negative scanner, you should make sure that the device also has an LCD screen. Thanks to the screen, the use of the scanner can be made extremely easy. In addition, it should be ensured that the scan

It is compatible with the most important operating systems for digitizing negatives yourself, of course especially those that you have on your PC as a user. It is worthwhile to read the operating instructions for the scanner carefully.

How does a negative scanner work?

The scanning of negatives in small, large or medium format is done like a slide scanner. The advantage is that many modern slide scanners nowadays are very feature-rich. It is often possible to scan the slides without a PC. To do this, a memory card is pushed into a suitable slot on the device and, with the correct setting, all images are transferred directly to the memory card.

A small LCD screen is often attached to the scanner for better use. The screen is used to preview the image and show whether or not the scanning process has been completed excellently. But there are also some slide scanners that are suitable for use directly on the computer. Of course, compatibility with the current operating systems is important here.

Who makes negative scanners?

Negative scanners are not only made available by electronics stores; large online mail order companies such as Amazon also sell negative scanners from various shop providers. There are also private manufacturers who advertise their goods online.

What types of negative scanners are there?

Expensive devices are often more comfortable, but the price is no guarantee of high quality, because even inexpensive devices often offer very good image quality. Users who want to digitize pictures professionally still have to spend more money than people who only have to scan a few negatives. There are now numerous scanners for digitizing slides and negatives. If you want to burn slides onto a CD these days, that's no longer a problem. This way, valuable memorabilia can be preserved for an eternity and you don't need a slide projector or slide viewer to look at them. A distinction is made between cheap and expensive equipment. With the inexpensive devices, the scanning process can be described as less simple.

Where can I buy a negative scanner?

Scanners for negatives can not only be bought in electronics stores, various models of negative scanners and slide scanners can also be purchased in various Internet shops and at Amazon.

What is a negative scanner used for?

Negative scanners help to digitize slides and photo negatives. Especially people who have a large collection of several thousand slides get their money's worth with a negative scanner. Good and inexpensive models offer a number of advantages when scanning.

What should be considered when buying a negative scanner?

Before you decide to buy a negative scanner, you should pay attention to the scan resolution. The resolution determines how many details the photo scanner can capture compared to other models. In fact, there are often the greatest differences between the negative film scanner devices, depending on the price range in which a photo scanner is sought.

A device for professionals should be able to achieve a resolution of 4,800 x 9,600 dpi. Then a photo scan at a high level is possible. Entry-level devices or models for mobile use often only guarantee 300 x 600 dpi or 600 x 600 dpi. A resolution of 500 x 1,800 dpi is sufficient for negative scanners for home use. The size of the scanner determines where it can be placed. In comparison, more compact devices have the advantage of greater mobility. A placement is also possible in tight spaces.

In the private sector in particular, negative scanners in a compact format are often more practical. The interfaces on the printer with negative scanner should not be underestimated either. Most of the scanners available on the market today are connected to a PC or laptop via USB. In comparison, this cable connection offers a high level of stability and has proven itself many times over.

Advantages and disadvantages of a negative scanner?


  • Negative digitizers make it possible to digitize old images that have many memories attached to them.
  • If you have a negative scanner, you can save a lot of money and save yourself a trip to a specialist.
  • Many modern models can be operated quickly and efficiently without a PC, but by inserting a memory card.
  • Users who own a lot of slides will get their money's worth with the purchase of a negative scanner in the long term.
  • Depending on the negative scanner model, the use is very time-consuming, especially with hobby devices.
  • The quality of the images is often not optimal.

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A scanner for old photo negatives and slides is available in numerous designs on the market. Anyone who wants to digitize pictures professionally and has many slides is very well advised to use a negative scanner.

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