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Jon Snow

Your mother was Lyanna Stark and your father, your birth father, was Rhaegar Targaryen. You have never been a bastard. You are Aegon Targaryen, the true heir to the Iron Throne.

Jon Snow


Aegon Targaryen

The white wolf
Lord Snow (sarcastically)
The Bastard (by Winterfell)
King crow (used by wildlings)

Jon Snow (in the original: Jon Snow), born as Aegon Targaryen, is a main character from the first season of game of Thrones. He is played by Kit Harington and first appeared in "Winter is Coming", the first episode of the first season.

Jon Schnee is considered the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark and an unknown woman.
He joins the Night's Watch, where he is elected Lord Commander. After Jon is assassinated by his confreres, he is resuscitated by Melisandre and leaves the order. Finally the Northmen proclaim him King of the North.
It turns out that Jon is actually the legitimate son of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Eddard's sister Lyanna Stark and was born under the name Aegon Targaryen.

In the series


Jon is the legitimate son of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Due to complications in childbirth, Lyanna was dying. Shortly before her death, she asked her brother, Eddard Stark, to protect Jon. Eddard took Jon in and passed him off as his bastard. Eddard claims to Robert Baratheon that the mother is a servant named Wylla.[1] Jon himself doesn't know about his real parents.

Jon grows up as the illegitimate son of Eddard Stark on Winterfell. Although he was born in Dorne and not in the north, he bears the bastard name snow. Since he was raised like a strong and northerner, he adopted their beliefs and sense of honor. He always tries to orient himself in complex and morally ambiguous situations.

Jon's presence in Winterfell occasionally creates tension between Eddard and his wife, Catelyn Stark. Catelyn Stark has only ever seen Jon as her husband's bastard son and never as the brother of her own children. It is known that Jon once had smallpox as a child because Catelyn asked him to because she could not look into "those strange brown eyes". When he nearly died from it, Catelyn realized she was wishing a poor, defenseless child dead. She thought she was a murderer and started praying that Jon would survive. She swore that then she would love him like her own son and be a mother to him. Jon survived the smallpox, but Catelyn couldn't keep her promise. She failed to love the "poor motherless child" just because she was jealous. She believes that the suffering the Stark family is experiencing is their fault for failing to keep their promise.[2]

Despite all of this, Jon gets along well with his half-siblings, especially Robb and Arya Stark. Like all of his half-siblings, Jon has a direwolf. In contrast to the wolves of his half-siblings, his wolf spirit is an albino and therefore has white fur and red eyes. Jon decides how to join the Night's Watch like his uncle Benjen Stark, where his birth and origins are of secondary importance.

season 1

Jon and Robb are teaching Bran Stark archery when a Night Watch deserter is caught. Jon is present and advises Bran not to avert his gaze when the deserter is beheaded because the father would see. After that happens and the group ride back to Winterfell, they find a dead direwolf and her five live cubs. Jon is able to convince Ned that they are made for the (five biological) Stark children, as the direwolf adorns the Stark banner. As they are about to leave, Jon finds the "Imp of the Litter", an albino wolf, and names this ghost.

When King Robert arrives in Winterfell, Jon Snow is present. However, he is not present at the big festival in honor of the king because his stepmother Catelyn Stark feels it is a shame to have a bastard in her midst. When his uncle Benjen arrives from the Night Watch, he offers Jon to join the Night Watch one day, as a bastard has never been denied a seat there. Jon says that he is ready for it now and that his father would surely allow him to. A short time later, Jon speaks to Tyrion Lannister, who understands what it is like to be an outsider and therefore advises him to wear the term "bastard" like armor so that no one can hurt him with it.[3]

The next morning, Jon is about to forge a sword for his half-sister Arya when he exchanges a few words with Jaime Lannister, who sarcastically thanks him for protecting the country from all future dangers from beyond the wall. Before Jon leaves for the wall, he says goodbye to the unconscious Bran Stark, who fell from a tower. Catelyn, who is watching next to Bran, rudely tells Jon to leave. Jon visits Arya one last time to give her the sword Nadel, which he had made for her, and gives her the ironic advice to "pierce her opponents with the sharp end". He also says goodbye to Robb and Robb speaks confidently about the next meeting in which Jon will wear black. After they leave, Eddard Stark vows to tell Jon about his mother the next time they meet. On his way to the wall, Jon is accompanied by his uncle Benjen and Tyrion Lannister, who has always wanted to see the wall.[1]

When Jon arrives at the wall, he has to give up his idea of ​​a noble brotherhood that protects the realm from wildlings and white walkers, and realizes that the Night's Watch is really a gang of criminals and outcasts that no other Had a choice. Right at the start, Jon gets the disapproval of Ser Allisar Thorn, who trains the new recruits. Jon also catches the envy of the other recruits, as his sword fighting skills are far superior to those of the others. In the armory, Grenn confronts him about breaking his nose, to which Jon only replies that it is an improvement. Thereupon he is detained and threatened by the three recruits - Grenn, Pypar and Rast. Tyrion Lannister steps in and also shows Jon that most of the others have never held a sword before and, unlike Jon, were not trained by a weapons master. Jon decides to train Grenn and Pypar in sword fighting and befriends them. He also befriends Samwell Tarly when he arrives at the wall and protects him from the wrath of Allisar Thorne and that of the other recruits.[4][5]

When Benjen Stark's horse returns without a rider, Jon is concerned. After he completes his training, he is inducted into the Night's Watch and swears his oath. To his disappointment, however, he is assigned to the chamberlains instead of the border guards, and he initially believes that he owes this humiliation to Ser Allisar Thorn. However, Sam points out to him that Jon, as the personal chamberlain of Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, is also aware of his correspondence and that Mormont probably wants to prepare him for the role of commander.[6]

Geist later finds the bodies of two dead guards who were supposed to ride out with Benjen: Othor and Ser Jafer Blumen. After Jon learns of his father's imprisonment in King's Landing, Allisar Thorn mocks him for being the bastard of a traitor, whereupon Jon attacks him with a knife but can be restrained in time. Jeor Mormont gives him room arrest. During the night, Othor's corpse becomes a revenant and attacks Mormont. Jon can save him by burning the revenant, but he burns his wrist in the process. Mormont gives Jon the Valyrian steel long claw sword in gratitude.[7]

Jon considers deserting to join Robb's army against the Lannisters. Maester Aemon tells him that he faced a similar challenge than that Mad king, his son and grandchildren were killed in Robert's rebellion, thus revealing themselves as Targaryen.[8] When Jon receives news that Eddard Stark has been executed on the orders of King Joffrey Baratheon, he immediately leaves the Night's Watch to join Robb's army and avenge his father. However, Sam, Pypar and Grenn ride after him and convince him to stay true to the night watch. The next morning, Mormont tells him that the war against the White Walkers is far more significant than the battle for the Iron Throne in King's Landing. He tells Jon that the Night's Watch will soon be riding north of the wall to find out more about the enemy. Jon promises never to desert again and joins the expedition.[9]

season 2

Lord Commander Jeor Mormont assigns Jon a leading role as the expedition heads north to find Benjen Stark and to find an explanation for the revenant's attack. You'll traverse several abandoned wildling camps before stopping at the home of an allied wildling named Craster. Nobody likes Craster because he marries his daughters and impregnates them. Jon wonders what Craster will do with his sons then. Craster tells the Lord Commander that he has not seen Benjen for three years and that the Wildlings are gathering at their leader, the King-Beyond-the-Wall, Manke Rayder, a former member of the Night's Watch. Sam later tries to persuade Jon to help Craster's pregnant daughter Goldy, who is afraid of having a son but refuses to explain why. Jon refuses to ignore the Lord Commander's instructions that Craster's daughters should be left alone. During the night, Jon sees Craster carry a newborn son into the woods and follows him unnoticed.[10][11]

He sees Craster lay the newborn down for a White Walker, but does not recognize the creature. Craster discovers him and incapacitates him.Jeor Mormont later reveals to Jon that he knew about Craster's sacrifices all along, but deliberately ignores that fact as Craster is a useful ally. The expedition reaches an ancient peak known as the Fist of the First Men, where Qhorin Halfhand and his party await from the Shadow Tower. Qhorin suggests that they change their tactics and go to the pass in small scout groups. Jon goes with Qhorin's group.[12][13]

They discover wildlings sitting around a fire and attack them. However, Jon discovers that a wildling is a woman, and since he doesn't want to kill her, he suggests questioning her first. She tells him her name is Ygritte. Ygritte says the dead bodies should be cremated so that they don't return as revenants, but Qhorin doubts their intentions. Qhorin eventually leaves Jon alone with the task of killing her, as it would be too much of a hassle to keep her prisoner. But Jon is reluctant to kill a woman and he behaves very hesitantly, which makes Ygritte visibly nervous, who would rather have a quick death.

Finally, she desperately calls him a bastard to make his job easier, but Jon purposely misses the back of her neck with Long Claw. Ygritte then jumps up and flees. Jon catches her again relatively quickly, but Ygritte reminds him that they both knew only too well that he couldn't kill her. He then ties her up. Qhorin and the others are nowhere to be seen, and as night falls Jon decides not to look for the group until the next morning. Ygritte suggests that they lie next to each other at night to share body heat, and Jon agrees. She makes sexual suggestions, but Jon holds on to his oath never to sleep with a woman. When Jon unleashed Ygritte's legs the next morning, she informed him that she was showing him his virginity.