Why are dogs united during sex

Accused of zoophilia: Acquaintance caught man having sex with husky

A zoophile was caught having dog sex in Missoula City. Image: dpa

Did this story really have to be made public? Obviously yes. At least the wildlife should now be protected from this culprit. As reported by the British Daily Star, a man in Missoula City has now been banned from being near any pets.

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Acquaintance chats: Husky has sex with a man

Why? The man was obviously caught doing him sex with a dog would have. Or: the husky had sex with him. According to the report, his girlfriend's sister informed her police about the incredible incident.

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Charge of zoophilia: Man lets dog penetrate him anally

Accordingly, she caught the perpetrator some time ago as he was lying on all fours on the floor. As the paper continues, the man had his pants down to his ankles and let his dog penetrate him anally. This is said to have been on the back of the caught man.

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If there should be an indictment in the case, the zoophile threatens up to ten years Detention and a fine of at least four digits.

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