How do you negotiate with a builder

If the price needs to be raised - negotiate offers

Negotiations can sometimes go wrong. It can happen that the customer does not want to respond to your suggestions in the first conversation.

You need to be prepared for that too. First consider the following: How important is this customer to you? Do you see prospects for further orders in the future? Will he recommend you and open additional doors for you?

If you can answer these questions with "yes", you must definitely give your interlocutor the feeling in the follow-up conversation that you want to meet him as far as possible in order to maintain the good business relationship. At this point you need to decide how to proceed. At this point, you can either break off the negotiations or let your client understand that you do not want to conclude with the current situation.

Here, too, remain objective, but friendly in dealing with you. Show your business partner that you are committed to looking for other solutions, but that it is important to you that they also get involved. Point out to him that you are both partners and not opponents. State your specific interests: You are not interested in a fixed price, but in relation to the work you have done or what you have to do. Ask yourself again: why exactly is that? What are the reasons? Specify your interest.