What is Paul Ryan's beef versus Trump

Sexist video of Donald Trump: candidate Grapscher

In a newly surfaced video from 2005, Donald Trump tells how he gropes women. They let him go because he was a "star".

“You can do anything”: Donald Trump feels safe Photo: ap

WASHINGTONdpa | Two days before the next TV debate among the US presidential candidates, Donald Trump came under massive pressure due to a newly surfaced scandalous video. The Republican felt compelled to apologize to his compatriots for making vulgar remarks about women. "I said it. It was wrong. I apologize, "said Trump in a taped message that his campaign headquarters made public on Saturday night.

The video recorded over ten years ago with lewd and derogatory remarks by Trump about women made waves in the United States. Leading Republican politicians, whose main target group and voter group include devout Christians, also distanced themselves from the 70-year-old. A joint appearance with the powerful House of Representatives Paul Ryan, scheduled for Saturday, was canceled. Some Republicans, including former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, called on Trump to step down as a presidential candidate.

The Republican himself initially responded with a written statement, including: "I apologize if I should have insulted someone." In the video recording, which was later sent by his campaign team, he said he did not claim to be a perfect person to be. But he promises to become a better person.

That on Friday from the Washington Post The published video dates from 2005: The video shows how Trump, who was already married to his current wife Melania at the time, describes in drastic terms his attempt to seduce another woman.

“I tackled them, but failed,” he says. He tried “to fuck her. She was married. ”The real estate mogul then goes on to say that he is“ automatically ”drawn to beautiful women. “I just start kissing her (…). I don't even wait. And if you're a star, then they let it be. You can do anything. ”He could even grab women between the legs.

The video can be heard from excerpts from a private conversation between Trump and the presenter of the infotainment television program "Access Hollywood", Billy Bush, during a bus trip.

Republican leaders are "bad"

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called Trump's remarks "terrible" and appealed to the electorate: "We cannot allow this man to become president."

Leading Republicans also sharply condemned Trump's statements. They made him feel nauseous, said House of Representatives Ryan, according to the Washington Post. "I hope that Mr. Trump treats the situation with the seriousness it demands and that he works to demonstrate to the country that he has greater respect for women than this video shows."

Ryan also announced that Trump will not perform at a festival in his - Ryans - constituency in Wisconsin as planned. As Trump himself later revealed, his running mate Mike Pence will come instead.

Republican party leader Reince Priebus said: “No woman should ever be described in such terms, no one should speak of her in that way. No way."

"Vulgar and unjustifiable"

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who stood behind Trump just last month, called the candidate's statements "disturbing and inappropriate, there is simply no excuse for it." Florida Senator Marco Rubio also rated Trump's remarks as "vulgar and impossible to justify."

Clinton and Trump will meet for their second televised debate in St. Louis on Sunday evening (local time). According to independent assessments, the Democrat clearly won the first debate at the end of September. After that, she gained in polls, increasing the pressure on Trump to do well in the second TV duel. After that, there is only one final televised debate before voting on November 8th.