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Fry's Electronics: Cult retailer of the IT scene in Silicon Valley is closed

The numerous tech enthusiasts in Silicon Valley are now losing their favorite supplier: The Fry's Electronics stores will remain completely closed in the future, the online channels have already been switched off. Yesterday rumors surfaced in the US media that the chain of electronics stores is about to end. And then it happened quite suddenly. Suddenly the Facebook account was deleted, the Twitter account was switched to private and the management also took the website offline and instead published a declaration of the end of the provider.

Fry's Electronics grew out of a smaller chain of supermarkets. When its founder retired and wanted to hand the business over to his children in the early 1970s, they showed little interest in selling groceries and other everyday products, as many other shops did. It took a while, but after a while electronics stores were opened.

Corona was the fatal blow

Until then, technology was more likely to be found in smaller stores. Fry's Electronics, on the other hand, used the large supermarket halls and in order to fill the available space, they offered a complete range of products that included different variants of each product. This made the chain, which last consisted of 28 branches, a permanent fixture in the US IT scene.

The company justified the step with the fact that several causes came together here. Most recently, the coronavirus pandemic gave businesses a lot of trouble, as a result of which most users switched to online trading. Events such as nocturnal game starts and party-like demonstrations of the advantages of the latest television resolutions, with which customers have repeatedly been brought into the shops, have not been able to take place here for months. But even before that, brick-and-mortar retail - especially in the area that is aimed at consumers who are very network-savvy - had come under considerable pressure.

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