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Friendship sayings

Like a good marriage, good friendships are practically forever. But as in love, it is also necessary with friendships from time to time to tell each other how much we appreciate the true togetherness and that it should go on without forgetting each other. The most popular friendship sayings are therefore collected and arranged on this page.

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Wolf Dietrich
Friends go through thick and thin, friends accompany each other. Friends enrich each other, friends keep.

One can remove benevolence from kinship,
not from friendship.

So this is not a friendship
that if one does not want to hear the truth,
the other is willing to lie.

Gottfried Keller
Serve your friends
without counting.

Friedrich Schiller
Many bear the proud seal of friendship,
who flee faithlessly in the exam hour.

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
Really good friends are people who know us very well and still stick to us.

Jean Paul
Every friend is the other's sun;
he pulls and he follows.

Friendship sayings ... "We know the slogan of a famous chocolate company from advertising:" You like to give good friends a kiss! "But if you want to express a close bond through special friendship sayings, then you need sophisticated friendship sayings, the appreciation of a good friend The friendship sayings on the following pages serve only this purpose! Because a few seriously meant nice sentences can renew any rusty friendship or show long-term acquaintances that they are still very close to us and that we will continue with you through Dick and Want to go thin. There is an incredible amount to be said about real friendships, which is why the range of friendship sayings is correspondingly large. Sometimes you just want to say thank you, sometimes you just want to toast the great time together and a toast with the appropriate words Shout "Up for us" D hen friendships also have to be constantly cultivated and that works many times better than just ordinary standard phrases through personally selected friendship sayings. If you try hard and find the right words, it shows that friendship is important to you. "

One recognizes a safe friend in an uncertain matter.

Friedrich Nietzsche
It is not the lack of love but the lack of friendship that makes the most unhappy marriages.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
The best way to have a friend is to be one yourself.

Oscar Wilde
I always want to know everything about my new friends
and nothing about my old ones.

The noble one wins friends through his cultivated learning.
And with the help of these friends, he promotes his humanity.

Daniel Defoe
Friendship flows from many sources
purest out of respect.

Carl Hilty
Friendship is the noblest feeling
of which the human heart is capable.

Friendship sayings ... "A good friendship is characterized by the fact that you can talk about everything together. But what if you want to tell your friend something about the friendship sayings yourself? Then you can quickly become speechless. But it doesn't have to come to that, because there are countless friendship sayings that are ideally suited to be presented to the other person. Sometimes, after a particularly intense, funny or sad phase, you just want to say thank you with friendship sayings and dress it in words that are as appropriate as possible Or you just want to say how important your relationship with that special person is and always has been. Either way, friendship sayings have a clear positive message and are a great way of communicating how much you like to be with them or you spend time, those who cherish and maintain friendships and now and then nice friends sayings via WhatsApp, SMS, email, Facebook or, best of all, directly in person, will be rewarded in the long term. Because quite often in life we ​​depend on good friends and are happy when we know them by our side. Such are friendship sayings! "

Johann Georg Hamann
Friendship is a capital
of which the interest is never lost.

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
The artist couldn't ask for anything better
as good friends and polite enemies.

Don't make a friend like a brother
but if you do, don't be the first to do him wrong.

Kurt Tucholsky
God preserve our friendship.
You almost want to believe that you are not alone.

Friendship is like a rare flower.
They have to be looked after and respected.

You have family. You choose your friends and you can lose them again.

Good friends share everything.
If you give a lot, you will get a lot in return.