Why hasn't Google given up on Google+

Here Google+ lives on in individual parts - Google Maps, Google Pay, Google Chat, YouTube and Google Photos

Over the past ten years, Google has repeatedly dared to make new attempts at social networks, but each of these projects failed miserably and most recently with Google+ the biggest one. Since then there has actually been no new idea from Google, at least one might think. However, Google has not completely thrown its commitment to social networks overboard, but has outsourced it to individual popular apps.

Google Maps is getting more and more social

For example, there is Google Maps, which has had a current tab for some time. In this area, also known as the Community Feed, we can primarily find out about available news about our region. This primarily includes content from Google Maps, but we are also shown various newspaper articles from regional papers. Google Maps becomes a social network because you can even see other users' content there.

But more than that. In addition to what very active local guides recommend and what stores publish news, you can even follow stores and local guides. In addition, shops can create their own contributions to advertise offers or simply to report to their own community again. It is very much like a classic social network, even if it is focused on the local level.

Google Pay with extensive chat function

Google hasn't given up on offering chat functions like in Google+ to its customers for a long time. Even in very different variations. For example in the new Google Pay, which is not yet available in Germany. In the new Google Pay you can chat in groups and split bills there. Although it is primarily about bills, you can also chat there.

Google Chat inherits Hangouts

For years, Google Hangouts was Google's messenger, which was also an integral part of Google+. Most recently, Google Hangouts survived primarily as a business chat, but will soon also be sawed off. Google Chat is the replacement that is now available to private customers. You have to see if this will be a success. I don't really believe in that. Mobile is more likely to be Google Messages.

Stories, shorts and posts on YouTube

YouTube has also got a social character, namely posts from channels can also be published there and users comment on them. Away from the videos. In recent years, people have tried chat functions and other stuff, but mostly unsuccessfully.

Google Photos: Share, like, comment

Last but not least, there is Google Photos, where photos can be shared with other users. A chat function is also available for this. We can not only share photos there, but also comment and send individual chat messages without photos. I don't know if it still needed it.

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