What are the uses of Dropbox

Dropbox document management

FreeFinance offers full integration with Dropbox. You can link your files and documents in your Dropbox with FreeFinance to get an even easier and more intuitive connection of your receipts with FreeFinance!

Unlock the Dropbox

To connect your Dropbox to FreeFinance, simply click on the link

Unlock Dropbox

You will immediately be linked to the Dropbox homepage, where you can do the following:

  1. log in with your Dropbox credentials
  2. press the buttonAllow

You will then return to FreeFinance and have completed the connection with the Dropbox!


The connection between FreeFinance and Dropbox can be terminated at www.dropbox.com.

Using the Dropbox

Load files into the Dropbox

After the connection to the Dropbox has been established, you will find the following new folders in your Dropbox on PC / Mac:

Apps / FreeFinance

You can simply copy your files and documents into this folder - FreeFinance can access files in this folder and you can link these data.

Navigation in the Dropbox via FreeFinance

The navigation in the Dropbox is analogous to the navigation on your PC / Mac via the folder structure. The output folder is always:

Apps / FreeFinance

Create additional folders in this folder and save your files and documents in them. FreeFinance lists this structure and displays the files in the list on the right.

View files

All files are displayed in the file list on the right.

You can use the button to display the files or documents directly via FreeFinance.

File information and link

The button displays file information and already linked documents. The last selected folder is saved and automatically preselected the next time it is linked.

File information

The File Information tab shows the details such as the name and folder of the Dropbox file.

  • The button can be used to jump directly to the linked receipt.
  • The button deletes the link between the receipt and the Dropbox file.
Link file

In the tabLink receipt You can search for the receipts in FreeFinance and simply link them using the button.

The link is based on the Dropbox file name including the directory.

The last selected folder is saved and automatically preselected the next time it is linked.

Danger: If files are already connected from the Dropbox, the directory or the file name must not be changed.