Where can I find my spiritual guru

Himalayan yoga tradition

by Swami Veda Bharati

Swami Veda Bharati


This question is often asked among seekers:

How do I find a true guru?

First and foremost, if you are a true seeker, be a honey bee first. Fly from flower to flower, listen, watch, learn everything you can learn. One day, at a certain time, somewhere, a voice within you will say to you, “This one is my guru”.

It is like choosing a spouse asking, "How do I know who my soulmate is?" When you meet one, you will know the answer. In that moment you accept that person despite the birthmark on his / her face or whatever!

When looking for the guru, do not look for wealth, poverty, knowledge of scriptures, ability to tell stories and crack good jokes. See if they are Saumya, a commonly used word in most of the Indian languages. See if their presence brings a sense of inner calm. This is the hallmark of someone who has some level of self-actualization.

If you are looking for the perfect guru, you have to be a perfect student. Where is your own perfection as a wannabe student? Have you ever tried to conquer your anger or self-centeredness? How do you treat your wife Are your children happy around you? Do your neighbors avoid you [...] because of your temper? Go ahead, make them happy first and make them feel loved and honored. Then look for a guru.

Not only are there disciples looking for a guru; the gurus look even more carefully for true disciples to whom they can pass on their knowledge. These students are hard to find, very hard.

True gurus often treat you badly in order to (1) test you and (2) purify you. But that doesn't mean that every alleged guru who treats and criticizes you badly tests or teaches you! It takes keen judgment to distinguish gold from gold plated.

Look for the signs of purity and calm and peace in her person to see if she has some degree of realization. One in a billion, in fact, is fully realized. Those who are ahead of you can (1) lead you to the point where they are and will not (2) pretend to lead you further than there. Humility will speak for itself. “Making yourself small” is the greatest sign of greatness.



inner peace,

selfless service,

these are the hallmarks of spiritual success. AND, above all else,

who is their guru (find out more about this lineage) and

how much time do you spend yourself in meditation practices.

It must also be remembered that a teacher can be a person who has achieved great success, but there are many different avenues of meditation and devotion. Each person's past life, karmas, samskaras, psycho-spiritual and psycho-physiological personalities are different from others.

Therefore a path, even a true one, may not be suitable for you. Experiment. Try it. Does it give you a moment of peace and a sense of fulfillment? If not, then do not judge or condemn this "guru" whose path has proven unsuitable for you. Others, with other psycho-spiritual personalities, will find peace there. Do not judge. Who are you that you judge?

Article taken from www.swamivedablog.org, August 2011, and translated into German.

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