Is Apple the next BlackBerry

Blackberry gives up on Apple

The ailing Blackberry provider Research In Motion (RIM) wants to stop its decline with drastic measures. After another weak quarter, the German RIM boss Thorsten Heins, who had only been in office for two months, did not rule out the possibility of a sale. But that is not a priority at the moment. The former Siemens manager Heins initially wants to rely on cooperation and try to find his way back to his old strength in the corporate market.

In the past quarter, the crisis worsened with a slump in sales and red numbers. Sales fell by a quarter to 4.19 billion US dollars, as the Canadian company announced on Thursday. The bottom line was a loss of $ 125 million in the fourth fiscal quarter ended in early March. A year earlier, RIM had made $ 934 million in profits.

Not up to the competition

RIM has been struggling with massive sales problems for some time. The Blackberrys were once popular as mobile e-mail devices, especially with businesses and government agencies. But in the meantime, the iPhone from Apple and smartphones with the Google Android operating system have gripped Blackberrys from two sides. Sales fell by 21 percent to 11.1 million devices compared to the previous quarter alone.

The great hope of RIM is still the next operating system Blackberry 10, which should appear in the second half of the year after several delays. The first prototypes are to be presented in May. At the same time, inexpensive devices with the current operating system are to be increasingly pushed onto the market. RIM has 77 million Blackberry customers worldwide and is growing much more slowly than the market.

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