What is the purpose of goal analysis

Goal analysis / goal planning

The goal analysis and the definition of the goals form the basis for the planning, implementation and control of purposeful measures, also in IT.
In general, a target definition is a specification, agreement or target for a project.

In the approach of the target analysis / target determination method, not only those mentioned above apply Problems to find a solution and to eliminate conflicting goals. It should go with the goal planning as well Future prospects and new ideas for corporate goals are included.

The goals can be structured as a hierarchical structure in a target model as part of the target analysis or strategic system planning. In the target model, the Corporate goal or the corporate goals broken down into the units of business goal, specialist goal and project goal. The goals thus form a target structure.

The definition of the business fields, the target groups and the strategic visions are part of the corporate goals. The corporate goals are essentially taken into account in their performance-oriented, financial and quality-related aspects.

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  • Business goal
    as a definition of a performance measure or value-related goal of a business area; usually a goal that you want to achieve in the market (e.g. sales, market share, corporate identity, ...)

  • Subject
    Performance target as a fulfillment target for the business target at the specialist level (e.g. shortening the lead time for a business process)

  • project goal
    as a technical objective that is to be pursued in an (IT) project and as a definition of a project-specific specification such as Implementation goal (who, with what, how) and Profitability target (Time and cost budget)

A subordinate goal can also support several higher-level goals or other goals of equal priority in the goal model. The following relationships exist in the target model between the target hierarchy and the other planning components:


Diagram representation:
Target structure and interaction of planning components in target modeling

While business goals and technical goals arise in the context of target planning (corporate planning or departmental planning) as specifications for strategic information system planning, the definition of the project goals is determined in the context of requirements management (see process model requirements analysis - requirements engineering) or in the project management process for system development .

In the Goal definition In an IT project, the project management should ensure that the required final state is described with characteristics of quality, better still with characteristics of quantity. The project goals can be classified in the goal planning according to characteristics such as must-goal / optional goal or operationally urgent / desirable.
A project goal must be clearly described for everyone involved. The target definition must be formulated in a solution-neutral manner. The definition of a project goal is only suitable if the goal can also be achieved.

The important completion of the target planning is the Conflict of goals analysis. With this method of conflict analysis, relationships between the goals and thus a possibly existing conflict are revealed.
Goals from the goal analysis can contradict each other or have negative interactions and thus form a goal conflict. The goals must then be given priorities or one of the goals must be deleted in order to reduce the conflict of goals.
Goals that directly or indirectly support each other should be checked for overlap or redundancy in their definition. Deleting or merging the goals improves clarity. At the end of the conflict of interests analysis, there should be no unresolved conflicts of interests left.
This applies to business goals as well as specialist goals and project goals.

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