How do I disable LiveFyre

Storify is being discontinued, so you export your content

You probably know Storify, you may even have used it. An easy way to tell stories, compiled from social media posts from different platforms, you don't even have to collect your own content. A good and current example of such a Storify story is the Senate election in Alabama. The bad news: Storify is being discontinued. As of now, no new accounts can be created, the platform itself will be adopted on May 16, 2018.

Storify also offers its users the option of exporting stories that have already been published if you want to archive them. However, this for each story individually, a complete export of all Storify content at once is not possible. For the export you have to go to the "View" view of a story (logged in) and then select the elliptical icon there.

The export option then appears here, and you can select the export format at this point. You have to repeat this process for each story to be saved. Storify does not communicate that you should choose "File - Save as .. - Web Page, Complete" in order to completely save a story and your linked content.

Just because Storify is disappearing, by the way, doesn't mean that the offer will no longer exist. Storify 2 can be used, but is part of a Livefyre license that must be purchased. You can find all further information in the Storify FAQ.