What do plants give us

5 reasons why plants are good for us

A window sill without green plants looks empty and somehow desolate. They look pretty and bring a room to life. But don't the green decorations have many more advantages? Today I'll tell you 5 reasons why plants are good for us.

I love plants. No matter whether outside in nature or in the apartment. Even as a child I loved being in the forest and lovingly caring for my houseplants - well, back then they were just cacti. I often helped out in my neighbors' flower shop and looked after our vegetable garden.

It was precisely out of this love that I decided to study landscape architecture. The enthusiasm for this field of study waned, but my relationship with plants did not - I got kind of addicted. More and more palms, succulents, orchids and Co. moved in with me. And yes, now we live in a little jungle - and I love it. All those who say “I don't need indoor plants”, “I don't have a green thumb” etc. I want to show them with this post how important a little green stuff is.

5 reasons why plants are good for us

We already know that plants look beautiful. But our green friends can do so much more. They have a positive effect on body and mind and thus contribute to well-being. Thanks to their superpowers, they also improve the indoor climate and help reduce stress. But let's start at the beginning. Today I have 5 reasons for you why plants are good for us.

  1. Indoor plants increase the humidity
  2. Green plants give off around 90% of the water they have absorbed through the leaves in the form of water vapor. There are even studies that show that green spaces are less likely to cause headaches, cardiovascular problems and colds. Indoor plants naturally increase the humidity. Better to invest in plants than in humidifiers - they look pretty too.

  3. Green plants clean the air
  4. We learned at school that plants filter pollutants. For me, however, the process of photosynthesis actually got stuck in my head. This biological process enables plants to produce natural oxygen. They absorb CO2 from the air and release pure oxygen in return. The larger the plant or the leaves, the more fresh oxygen is produced.

  1. Green plants lower the stress level
  2. Green plants have a calming and relaxing effect on the environment. Just like walks in nature clear your head, indoor plants reduce our stress. There are even long-term studies that have shown that just looking into the green has a calming effect and is supposed to lower blood pressure. Most people associate green with nature, relaxation and harmony.

  3. Indoor plants promote creativity and increase the ability to concentrate
  4. Not only do our green friends lower the stress level, they also increase our ability to concentrate and therefore give us exactly what we need. People who live and work in rooms with flowers are more productive and make fewer mistakes in their work. Some plants only have a positive effect and trigger feelings and sensations because of their growth and leaf shape or their appearance - others because of certain “ingredients” or essential oils.

  5. Plants are natural silencers
  6. Plants are often used as a noise barrier on major roads and highways. No wonder, because they are natural silencers. According to studies, they also reduce background noise in rooms. These are absorbed, refracted or reflected so that the environment remains calm.