Who's faster than Superman

The question of who is stronger or who can run faster is always very important for the superhero fan. If Superman is not only super powerful but also super fast, he should actually be faster than his JLA buddy Flash, who is actually the fastest person in the world.

In 1967 it was told how Flash and Superman race around the world in support of a UN aid campaign. At the same time, they are extremely knightly, constantly helping each other and the result is ultimately a photo finish. But this race was not the only one of its kind. In the same year "The Race To the End of the Universe" followed. Here the steel and the red speedster had to cross the entire Milky Way under pressure from aliens. This story also failed to give us an answer to the question of who was faster.

As early as 1970 they were running again, this time to eliminate time differences that a.o. Jimmy Olsen sent to the Roman Empire. In order to explain this more precisely (but not really meaningful), the author Denny O'Neil needed twice the amount compared to the first two races. The two-part story “Chase to the End of Time” from 1978 hits the same line, juggling all sorts of science fiction bits and pieces again.

“Speed ​​kills!” From 1990 by Dan Jurgens is quite enjoyable. Here it is the annoying Mr. Mxyzptlk who only disappears again when Flash and Superman fight a race that even one of the two wins! In 2002 Superman was finally allowed to compete with the "Original Flash" (special feature: flat steel helmet) (under very confused circumstances).


Garnished with a cover by Alex Ross ("Kingdom Come"), these six races now appear bundled in an anthology, which also shows how the superhero comics have changed over time. The more straightforward 22-page self-contained stories in the sixties were followed by more epic stories that stretched over several issues, and finally those, oh so clever, with all (but really all) set pieces of the DC (or Marvel) cosmos playing factual hubbub which we still have to suffer from today.

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