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What is it about vaccination tourism? : Which countries want to offer tourists a corona vaccine

In Germany, it will take until summer before everyone can be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Other countries are faster. This arouses the desire to be vaccinated abroad for money. Cuba, India and Dubai are already planning to offer vaccinations to foreigners. However, other countries such as Israel rejected such requests. So what is it about vaccination tourism?

There are already some offers for trips including corona vaccination on the Internet. The travel agency "Fitreisen" from Duisburg writes on its website: "With the greater availability of the corona vaccine, vaccination prices will soon also be possible. We are currently working on concepts with our hotel partners ..." You can already register, but only without obligation. Because it is not yet clear from "when and for which destinations exactly such a vaccination vacation can be offered."

There are even advertisements for vaccinations on the Darknet. That reports the "Wirtschaftswoche". Accordingly, vaccines from well-known manufacturers would be offered for several thousand dollars on sites such as DarkMarket, Steriod King or White House Market. According to the police, this is fraud.

In Great Britain, the London Concierce Club Knightsbridge Circle offers its members vaccination prices to the United Arab Emirates - for several thousand pounds. In addition to the injection, there is also a luxury stay in the hotel, as the "Telegraph" reports. The elite club advertises the Pfizer vaccine.

However, there doesn't seem to be much to this offer. When asked, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer assured the British newspaper "Guardian" that it was currently only delivering the vaccine to government programs. There is no way to have the vaccine administered privately. Knightsbridge members had been vaccinated, but they all had a residence permit for the Emirates. However, the Emirates have also approved Sinopharm's Chinese vaccine.

Dubai offers high-income entrepreneurs from abroad a one-year work stay including vaccination. The "Dubai's virtual working program for overseas professionals" is described on the Internet. People with a valid employment contract and a monthly salary of at least 5000 euros can take part.

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According to research by the "Spiegel", there are other serious considerations in two other countries: Cuba and India. Cuba is currently developing its own vaccine, which should also be available to foreigners from spring. In India, the pharmaceutical giant Serum Institute of India announced that it would also deliver the vaccine to private providers.

Israel rejects corona vaccination tourism

In contrast, Israel, which vaccinates very quickly and successfully, does not want vaccination tourism. The Israeli State Tourist Office was forced to give such requests a clear rejection on Thursday. "Due to numerous inquiries and published press reports in the past few days", the director of the Israeli State Transport Office for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Ella Zack Solomon, emphasized "that there are no opportunities for tourists in Israel to be vaccinated". "No vaccination prices are offered." Vaccinations were given "exclusively to the inhabitants of Israel" .ยด

Countries have to decide whether and how they want to stop vaccination tourism. The US state Florida banned vaccinations for people from other countries and US states in mid-January after more and more people wanted to travel there for a vaccination and registered for it on the Internet, reports the news portal "Nbc News". Florida started vaccinating very early and initially no proof of residence was requested. But that has now changed.

Criticism of the vaccination prices offered in Germany came from SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach. According to Lauterbach, the fact that travel agencies and tour operators attract tourists by promising them vaccinations is an "unethical business model". Remaining vaccination doses should be made available to other, needier countries that would have great difficulties vaccinating the people, Lauterbach told the WDR. (Tsp)

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