Commit suicide with digoxin painlessly

Drugs for death

A valid number of accompanied suicide cases in Germany cannot be found: "It is difficult to estimate, there are no surveys, no reporting obligations," said a spokeswoman for the Central Office for Living Wills of the Humanist Association of Germany (HVD). "In the rare cases in which we have contact with general practitioners of seriously ill suicidal persons, we are bound to the utmost secrecy." As a rule, the process takes place in secret. In the vicinity of the “Euthanasia” association alone, doctors have recently prescribed fatal combinations of drugs around 40 times.

Peter Doll confirms the numbers. He is one of five death assistants known by name in Germany. In total, there are 12 to 14 people who assisted in dying, according to Doll. Partly these are medical professionals, partly non-medical professionals who only act in close proximity.

Doll has just published his new book: "Euthanasia 4 plus 1" - an allusion to the five methods of suicide: 1. Medication, 2. Refraining from medication (with the exception of painkillers), 3. Refraining from eating and drinking 4. The use of end-of-life care by organizations in Switzerland - 611 foreigners, half of them Germans, used this opportunity between 2008 and 2012. “Plus 1” stands for a new method, but we don't talk about the doll in public