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Casino (German) [edit]

Noun, n[To edit]

Alternative spellings:


Word separation:

Ka · si · no, plural: Ka · si · nos


IPA: [kaˈziːno]
Audio samples: casino (Info)
Rhymes: -iːno


[1] Place or house for meetings
[2] Canteen for officers or in companies
[3] Opportunity to gamble as part of a restaurant and variety business


Borrowed from Italian in the 18th century from casino→ it "Gesellschaftshaus, Klubhaus", to the diminutive casa→ it "House"[1][2], identical and spelled, also in English and French


[1] Common room
[2] Officers' mess
[3] Casino, casino

Sense releated words:

[1] Club room, social building, amusement center

Generic terms:

[2] Canteen


[1] If you like the canteen casino you can ask for twice as much.
[2] Are there actually separate ones for the officers Casinos?
[3] Im casino you get rid of your money faster than your thirst.
[3] "It was almost considered good form among young scientists to use their own mathematical skills in casinos."[3]

Word formations:

Casino operator, casino visit, casino visitor, casino license

Translations [edit]

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