How do I learn to create viruses

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  • Vaccinations are an important tool to fight epidemics; Rights: WDR

From an epidemic to a pandemic

The flu virus appears every year, mostly as seasonal flu with a slightly different virus. A "normal" epidemic can turn into a dangerous pandemic if a completely different virus emerges. In the multimedia area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis knowledge pool, this is explained using the current example of the so-called swine flu from 2009. Show the two-minute film to the class using a projector (attention: only possible online) and work out in the class discussion what distinguishes the seasonal virus from a dangerous one and why it can turn into a pandemic.

With worksheet 5 "Pandemic" the individual stages of a pandemic can be worked out by way of example. The pupils can research in group work on the given website and work out a scenario that they present with a Powerpoint presentation or a poster. Using the example of SARS, the film "Silent Killer" works out which stations a pandemic goes through and how it can be combated effectively. The questions can then be discussed on the worksheet at the bottom of the class discussion.

Viruses in the ecological system and human interventions

Using the quote from a scientist in the film "The Invisible Enemy" on worksheet 6 "Discussion", a final discussion can take place on two topics: