Why are drum toms called tom toms


A standard multi-drum kit:
1 = large bass drum,
2 = stand tom,
3 = snare drum (read: "Snär-Dram"),
4 = hanging toms,
5 = Hi-Hat, read: "Hai-Hätt",
6 = basin

A drum kit is a musical instrument. It consists of several drum shells covered with plastic skins, as well as metal disks called cymbals. These stand on metal legs, certain stands or are attached to brackets so that they can be easily reached. To play a drum kit, you usually take two wooden sticks in your hands and hit the drums and cymbals with them from above.

Some drums and cymbals are larger, others smaller. As a result, different high and low tones come from them. With a drum kit you don't play melodies, but the rhythm of a song. If you want it to sound different, you can use small “brooms” made of metal or other aids instead of sticks.

English terms are often used in music. It's the same with the drums. For example, a drum is also called a drum, tom tom or just tom. So a big bass drum is called a bass drum, in other words: bäis dram. The batons are called drumsticks in English, a whole drum set or drum kit.

What do you do with your feet?

In addition to the drums and cymbals that are played with batons or the like, there are two special parts that are operated with the feet: the large bass drum and the "hi-hat".

The bass drum is played using a foot pedal. With each step on the pedals, a felt or plastic clapper is struck against the skin, which results in a deep and loud sound. For this, this special drum must stand on its drum shell in such a way that the skin is vertical and the clapper can strike against it. Some drummers today use a double foot pedal for a bass drum, which is played with two pedals and both feet. This creates very fast low tones.

The hi-hat consists of a long, upright metal tube with a pedal at the bottom. At the upper end there are two basins that are hit against each other by a spring when you step on the pedal. At the same time these cymbals can also be played with the batons.

What types of drums are there?

The type and number of drums and cymbals used can vary widely. Most of the time, the drums have one head on the top and one on the bottom, the so-called resonance head. Some drummers leave out the lower head, then the drums change their sound. There are drums that only consist of two drums, the hi-hat and a cymbal. Other drums, on the other hand, have two large bass drums and many other small and large drums and many different cymbals.

A drum kit usually includes what is known as the snare drum. It has a high-pitched, rasping sound that is created by a thin metal carpet that is stretched over the lower skin. We also know this type of drums from marching music. They are made of wood or metal.

In addition to the natural drums made of different woods, there are also some made of plastic. There are also electronic drum kits with plastic surfaces. They are operated via cables and amplifiers and would not produce their own sound without these aids.

The development of the drum kit as we know it today began in the USA around 1880. There are now a number of companies that build and sell drums.