What does love mean for a child


Love is a feeling of strong affection and connection between two people. It's even stronger than friendship. Mostly it means love in a couple. Lovers like to caress and kiss, and then sex often happens. There is often a strong affection full of love between parents and their children or between siblings. But that's a different form of love than with a couple.

Love is different from “being in love”: You get to know a person and feel attracted by their appearance, character, charisma or other reasons. You start to rave about the person and wish for a relationship with them. This state is usually accompanied by strong feelings, which also show up in the body. For example, lovers often describe having a tingling sensation in their stomach when they see the other person.

But over time this feeling can subside. Often one then notices that the other person is not as perfect as one initially thought. A love relationship, on the other hand, is based on mutual affection and can last for many years or even for a lifetime.

Many philosophers have tried to explain what exactly love is. Some scientists even claim that love as we imagine it does not exist. It is only the natural desire to reproduce that makes us feel attracted to a man or a woman. Others see the meaning of life in love. Love is a popular subject in many songs, books, films, plays, and in painting.

What kinds of love are there?

Mute swans stay true to each other for a lifetime. This is called monogamy. It is difficult to say whether there is love or whether it is just about procreation.

The first thing we think about is love within a couple. Usually it is a man and a woman or a boy and a girl who are very attracted to each other. Being in love for the first time can turn into real love: The two are together for a long time, even if one of them has a bad time. When a couple is loyal to each other, it is called "monogamy". This comes from the Greek and means "single marriage". So loyalty also belongs to this love. Often this also creates the desire to have children. A couple can celebrate this connection with a wedding, and the relationship is then a marriage.

But there are also relationships between two people without love. Such a relationship is purely sexual, for example. One then speaks of an affair. This comes from the French word "affaire" for affair.

Love in the family is important so that the children can grow up well protected and cared for. One often speaks of mother's love, father's love or love of children. In contrast to a couple, parents do not choose their children, not vice versa. Nevertheless, a strong love usually develops within a family, also between the siblings.

You can also love people you don't even know, for example starving children in a distant country or people who have experienced a war or a tsunami. This charity is usually expressed through a donation. So you give these people money to make them feel better. Jesus went one step further and said one should love even one's enemies. In this case one speaks of love of one's enemy.

People with a great love of animals often keep a pet such as a cat or dog. Others go horseback riding or one becomes a farmer and looks after his cattle. Out of love for nature, many people go to the forest or to a lake. Others pay special attention to the environment by not leaving any litter in nature or by foregoing driving.

There is also love for oneself. Already in the Old Testament it says: love your neighbor as yourself. This means that one should also take care of oneself: take care of one's body and keep it healthy, nourish it well and exercise enough and in general pay attention to his own needs.

  • This statue represents caring motherly love.