Is my IQ real

International IQ test

The purpose of the IQ test

The IQ test can be used for many different purposes. It enables the determination of one's own level to learn, to understand, to form concepts, to process information and to apply logic and reason, and that in comparison to the rest of the population. It serves as a guide and can have an impact on rare characters found in society, be it relational such as isolation, rejection or distance, or intellectual such as ease or difficulty encountered in intellectual activities. Alternatively, the test can explain successes achieved by individuals more easily than others.

Effectiveness of this test

The IQ test we offer is used by millions of users internationally and is being performed by new users every day. The statistics offered and produced by the totality of the results make it possible to check the reliability with regard to the calibration IQ scale system represented by the Gaussian curve.

The gifted

People with an above-average IQ (> 130), also referred to as “gifted”, feel more comfortable with intellectual activities than others. The most well-known characteristics of the gifted are:

  • Curiosity and thirst for learning: You ask yourself a lot of questions and can acquire knowledge.
  • Perfectionism: The need to do things accurately and excellently.
  • The fear of yourself, of who you are, of the consequences of your overflowing thoughts and feelings.
  • Interest that sometimes reaches an obsessive level on certain topics.
  • Hypersensitivity that is often not visible from the outside.
  • The ability to pay attention and focus.
  • Metacognitive Awareness: They know how to identify and reuse plans, concepts, and strategies that they can use to troubleshoot problems.

The mental handicap

People with a very low IQ (< 70)="" wird="" nachgesagt="" an="" geistigen="" behinderungen="" zu="" leiden="" und="" sie="" können="" trotz="" intensiver="" arbeit="" größere="" schwierigkeiten="" als="" andere="" bei="" intellektuellen="" aktivitäten="" haben="" und="" trotz="" ihrer="" willensstärke="" schwierigkeiten="" bei="" sozialem="" verhalten="" zeigen.="" die="" hauptursachen,="" welche="" die="" entstehung="" dieser="" behinderung="" erklären="" könnten,="" sind="" womöglich="" ernährungsprobleme="" während="" der="" schwangerschaft="" oder="" geburtsprobleme="" wie="" sauerstoffmangel.="" die="" verspätete="" behandlung="" bestimmter="" krankheiten="" wie="" keuchhusten="" oder="" masern="" könnte="" auch="" eine="" erklärung="" für="" eine="" solche="" geistige="" behinderung="" sein.="">

Our statistics

We supplement each IQ result with personalized statistics that assess the candidate based on various parameters (population, age group, level of study, field of study).

Our following statistics are based on years of study of all candidates worldwide and may evolve depending on the newly recorded results.

General and international breakdown of the IQ

Distribution according to age groups

Distribution according to level of study

Division according to field of study