Why are blunts and cigarettes rolled differently

There is more than one way to smoke your beloved cannabis. While bongs, pipes, and other extravagant gadgets have their own merits, many cannabis lovers still appreciate the art of spinning ganja.

From the joint to the spliff to the blunt, all three varieties of twisted marijuana offer a reliable way to self-medicate. Thanks to their properties, cannabis users can even customize their high and enjoy a unique smoking experience unlike anything with a glass device.

For beginners, it can be confusing when it comes to the difference between blunt, spliff, and joint. So how do these three main types of cannabis cannabis actually differ?


For those in the US, the joint is probably the most common form of cannabis rolled in. In the US, it's a rolled cigarette that contains nothing but weed. However, the same term means something different in Europe. Joint is a term that describes either a pure marijuana cigarette or one with a mixture of weed and tobacco. The latter, however, is also called spliff, which we will talk about later in the article. First, let's stick to the American definition.


The size of a joint can vary widely. It all depends, of course, on the type of rolling paper used and the amount of weed processed in it. If we had to guess, a joint contains anywhere from half a gram to a full gram of cannabis. In terms of size, they end up being bigger or smaller than the average cigarette. As for the shape, they can be said to tend to get a little wider towards the tip.


One of the reasons the joint is so widespread is its simplicity; All you need is a long rolling paper, a bit of weed, and maybe a rolled-up filter paper. The latter is not a cigarette filter, but rather a somewhat thicker paper, one end of which is folded twice and then rolled into a cylinder. It acts as a mouthpiece that holds the end of the joint open and prevents crumbs from flying into your mouth when smoking.


The taste of your joint depends entirely on the variety smoked and the terpenes it contains. Since papers are (usually) not flavored, there is nothing in terms of taste between you and your wonderful flowers. With that in mind, you can save the tastiest flavors for your joints.


• It only contains weed.

• If you have a problem with tobacco, you can just roll one to smoke with your friends and we are sure none of them will have a problem. Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from infecting one yourself.

• If you're not concerned about the weed smell that lingers the rest of the day, you can have a joint inside without the worries of smoking cigarettes in the booth. No permanent smell, no discoloration of walls and furniture, no problem!


• If you smoke joints regularly, you may notice that your supply is running out faster. You can, of course, roll smaller joints, but this will waste papers and filters.

• Not to mention the amount of time you spend spinning. This is actually the time you should spend smoking.


It continues with the spliff, which is very often smoked in Europe when a bong is not used. Here it is of course often referred to as a joint. But, since this term means something different in the US, "spliff" is the more precise term. Like a joint, a spliff is made of weed twisted into a leaf. The difference is that it contains tobacco and weed.


In addition to the color of the tobacco, which shows through the paper, spliffs and joints are indistinguishable from the outside. In addition, they contain roughly the same amount of smokable material. Spliffs may be a bit bigger, but that's only because of the tobacco taking up extra space.


Similar to a joint, you'll need rolling papers, weed, and a filter. You also need tobacco. Many people use cigarettes, although it is more cost-effective to buy a pack of loose fines that are extra to roll. It may not be available on every corner, but pretty much every tobacco shop should have it.


Again, the taste of your weed plays a role, but this time it mixes with the strong aroma of the tobacco. This means that if a strain isn't that high in terpenes, it's not too bad. However, if it has a rich taste, it might go well with the tobacco.


• If you're trying to save weed and still want to enjoy a session, spliffs are perfect.

• They are also suitable if you already use tobacco and want to get high at the same time.

• Also, the fact that a significant portion of the content is tobacco means your stash will last significantly longer.

• Since tobacco also makes smokers feel dizzy, a spliff can make you feel just as good as a joint.


• If tobacco makes you feel uncomfortable, spliffing is unlikely to be a particularly pleasant experience.

• With less weed in it, you may need several spliffs to get the high you want.

• The presence of tobacco makes smoking in the home a little more problematic.


Finally the blunt; if you've ever seen a rap video or been to Los Angeles or New York City, chances are you've already seen one. He is an icon of the cannabis world. Many people consider learning to spin a blunt an initiation rite. Simply put, the blunt uses cigar wrappers instead of paper and a lot of weed.


A properly twisted blunt will always be cylindrical. However, just like people of all sizes, they are beautiful. If you use about a gram of weed, it will likely get a little thicker than a pencil. However, if you have something to celebrate (and have the turning skills), you can put up to two grams or more in one.


The amount of cannabis used, however, depends heavily on the type of wrapper. These wrappers are obtained by hollowing out cigars. We don't mean Cuban cigars, but the cigars that are available behind the counter at the nearest kiosk. Brands like Swisher Sweets, White Owl, and Optimo, for example, can hold around a gram or a little more.

Two of the most famous brands for blunts are Backwoods and Fronto. Since Backwoods cigars are large rolled up tobacco leaves, they can easily fit over two grams of weed. However, some Backwoods cigars contain leaf stems that make it impossible to roll. Fronto solves this problem by selling a whole leaf of tobacco to the smoker. No viscera to get out, no chance of catching a wrapper that's a single leaf stalk - just pure convenience.

Since the wrapper is made from pure tobacco, they are usually just filled with cannabis.


Similar to Spliffs, the taste of the tobacco also plays a major role here. But this time you get a little extra flavor. If you want a swisher, white owl or even backwood, there are numerous sweet and fruity taste options to choose from. However, Fronto smokers only get the natural taste of the tobacco. However, since it only contains weed, the terpenes in your buds also have a chance to shine.


• You get the combined effects of tobacco and weed while containing enough weed to shoot you into orbit.

• If you're at the right party, a blunt is the perfect opportunity to wow and impress everyone.

• The combination of the aromas of the wrapper and the variety used provides a very flavourful smoking experience.


• Since blunts are quite large, you will need to use more weed than you would use for a joint or spliff.

• The dominance of tobacco may be uncomfortable for some.

• If you leave the wrapper open too long, it will dry out and the smoke will become harsher. If you don't use the wrapper before it dries out, it will become unusable.


To be honest, there is no straightforward answer to this question. Do you like it when tobacco joins your smoking experience? Do you have a lot of dope to quartz on your bag? Can you turn one shape better than the other? All of these questions play a role.

If efficiency is your concern, joints may be your best bet as they are all weed, while blunts should be avoided. However, if you want to smoke with a lot of people, it would be wise to make a larger blunt. If you ultimately want to be economical with your supplies and at the same time smoke your morning cigarette and enjoy cannabis, spliffs are the right choice.


No matter what you choose, all three options will get you high. As long as you remember the differences and know where in the world you are, you never have to seem like you have no idea again.

Enjoy responsibly! Keep your tobacco consumption as minimal as possible.

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