Is the BMW i3 completely electric


The all-electric version of the 3-series G20, which will most likely come onto the market as the new BMW i3 after 2022, is becoming more and more specific. provides a whole range of new details, which, however, should not all be to the delight of our German and European readers: If the information from the Spaniards is correct, the new BMW i3 is based on the BMW 3 Series long version, which is only available in China - and should at least initially only to be sold in China. Customers in the rest of the world, on the other hand, are referred to the BMW i4, which uses the basis of the 4-series Gran Coupé G26 and is positioned much more sporty.

While the i4 with 530 PS and 600 kilometers WLTP range plays in the top league of electric cars, the new BMW i3 should represent a reasonable overall package. With the concept, which is no coincidence reminiscent of the idea of ​​the BMW iX3 and is deliberately oriented towards actual needs instead of superlatives that are hardly needed, the electric 3 Series is intended to become the darling of the masses in China. Because one thing is clear: a premium electric car with over 500 hp will always carry a price tag that is out of reach for the general public. So when it comes to numbers and not a quartet of cars, you have to take a step or two back and focus on what is affordable in the end.

In the case of the new 3-series BMW i3, this means, according to Concentration on rear-wheel drive, no excessive power, but “only” around 190 kW (258 hp) and a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of only 60 kWh. At a later point in time, a 74 kWh battery is to be offered as an alternative, which would increase the range to over 500 kilometers - but here, too, the question arises of how many customers actually need this range and how many customers drive around with them every day want.

From a purely visual point of view, the BMW i3 remains close to the 3 Series G20, even if, like the iX3, there are some differentiating features. Depending on the selected configuration, these can also be very discreet and almost get lost in the overall picture. Here, too, BMW is pursuing the strategy of presenting the electric car as a relatively common variant alongside the conventionally powered models and avoiding a particularly extroverted appearance.

Whether the electric 3 Series will also come to Germany later, with a view to the long version used, has to be doubted. Ultimately, however, the market is likely to decide here as well: If the demand for such vehicles is high enough, BMW will not fight it for long. We should start with more affordable versions of the BMW i4: Less power, rear-wheel drive and a smaller battery with a correspondingly less range will significantly reduce the price of the electric Gran Coupé.