What is Alhamdulillah

What does "Hamdullah" mean? in German, meaning, translation

“Hamdullah” is Arabic and means in German: “Thank God”, “Praise be to God” or “Thanks be to Allah”. Colloquially it is used to say “Thank God” or “I'm fine”.

“Hamdullah” is the abbreviation of the Arabic “al-Hamdu li-Llah”.

It is made up of the words “hamd” / “ḥamdu”, which means “praise” or “thanks”, and “alhamdulillah”, which means “praise be to Allah” or “thanks be due to Allah”.

Alhamdulillah consists of three parts:

  • al- = is the article
  • ḥamdu = is translated with thanks and praise
  • li-llāh (i) = preposition and noun that stands for Allah. ("Allāh" means God.

The article in the word "Alhamdulillah" ensures that "The God" is said instead of "God". This is done in the sense that there is only one God.

The phrase is found in the first verse of the first sura of the Koran.

It is also said "Hamdala", "Al hamdullillah" (Arabic: حمدلة) or "ellhamdulliah" and abbreviated as "hmd".
The term can be compared with the well-known German word "Hallelujah" and the widespread exclamation "Thank God!"

The rapper Sido made the word popular in 2016 when he named a track on his new album "Das goldene Album". He raps: "Al-ḥamdu Llāh, we're doing better" and "Eh, hamdu Llāh, I'm really fine". (You can find his song on Amazon music here *)


  • “I slipped earlier. My pants are broken, but I'm fine. "-" Hamdullah "

When is “Hamdullah” said?

“Hamdullah” is usually said after an act or act. This is to thank God for something in retrospect.

For example, it happens that Muslims say "Hamdullah" after a meal to thank God for the meal. It can also be said after sneezing to wish someone health. Then it is said like this: Alhamdu lillahi. A new day can also be greeted with Hamdullah in the morning. Even the question “How are you?” Can be answered with “Hamdullah”. In this context it means, "Thank God, I'm fine".

The expression "al-Hamdu-li-'llah" is used by Muslims and Arabic-speaking Jews as well as Christians in everyday language.

Other variants: hamdulillah, Alhamdullilah, Al-ḥamdu Llāh, al-Hamdu li-Llāh (Arabic: الحمد لله), Hamdala (arose in everyday use), Tahmid

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