Why do we feel distant

THAT is what you should do when he distances himself from you

Everything went great. You got along well from the start, spent a lot of time together pretty quickly, and saw each other regularly. You have not doubted that it will result in a steady relationship and that he has the potential to be a perfect partner and thus your great love. At least until it suddenly showed a completely different side: that of distance and distance. Because suddenly there is radio silence out of the blue. Suddenly he behaves repellent, only answers sporadically and distances himself from you and you cannot explain it to yourself. Has something happened between you guys? Why is he suddenly acting so strangely? We'll tell you now why he is distancing himself and what you can do about it. And if you want to understand the world of men a little better, you can buy the book "What men think: whoever wants to understand them must know what makes them tick" from Amazon for around 13 euros.

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That is why he seeks distance from you

Anyone who remembers the beginning of a relationship will know it: At the beginning, or rather in the initial phase of getting to know each other, everything is still exciting and exciting. The other is a mystery that one wants to discover or wants to conquer. And then it happens: for some reason, your crush is suddenly distancing itself. Yet it was he who pushed for a partnership. Why is he suddenly looking for the distance?

There can be several reasons for this. For example, because he noticed that you reciprocate his feelings or he has conquered you. Then he decides to withdraw because he wants to quietly celebrate his success. Or but he is suddenly confronted with his feelings for you and don't know exactly how to deal with it himself. Then he seeks distance to find out what he really wants. He may also be looking for a certain independence because everything is getting too much for him and he doesn't want to be constantly mothered by you. But it could also be that he is not only dating you, but also flirted with several people at the same time and has now met someone new. Another and typical reason why men suddenly distance themselves: You don't feel emotionally ready for the next step. Maybe he has noticed that you want more now, but he is not ready himself yet. In such a case, it can also be that he simply stops contacting you out of fear and therefore avoids contact. Another cause: You unconsciously hurt him or even made him angry. If, however, he does not respond by himself and explain the situation to you, then unfortunately you cannot do anything about it.

You can do that if he distances himself

Whether out of insecurity, fear of attachment, security of victory or other problems, if he withdraws, you should not try to run after him or want to prove to him that you are the perfect partner for him. Also, don't try to overwhelm him with time, attention, or emotion. The effect can quickly turn into the opposite. Instead, you should put your focus on yourself. Called: Take care of yourself, accept that he needs some distance right now, and do things that are good for you.

Before you met him, your life was finally fulfilled too. Use the time and go on vacation with your girls for a weekend or try out a new hobby. After all, you are the person he fell in love with before. Another tip: If you are already in a committed relationship and have already spent a few years together, then different rules apply. In this case, you shouldn't just ignore him, but rather seek a private conversation. After all, communication in a partnership is essential to avoid relationship problems or a separation. However, if you are still in the initial phase of getting to know each other, then you can do without it. After all, you don't have much to lose. Instead of trying to talk to him, don't get in touch with him yourself for a few days. You will see that he will then be wondering how you are and will seek to be close. If you give him the freedom he needs, he'll come back to you on his own and show interest.

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