What is the Google RCS Chat System

Google's new chat function: attack on WhatsApp and Co. or dud?

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There is a real boom in chat apps, and users are migrating from WhatsApp to alternatives. Google's chat function is ignored.

Google could offer a messenger for the Android operating system that is preinstalled ex works on virtually all devices and can be used without a separate user account. Google has actually been following this plan for a while. And that doesn't just happen to remind us of Apple's iMessage and the good old SMS. What this is all about and what the state of affairs is, we want to break down for you below.

Because Google is relying on the Messages app, which was previously only used for SMS, for its new chat functions. In addition, the technology used, called Rich Communication Service (RCS), is not a Google invention, but rather the successor to the good old Short Message Service, which was introduced many years ago. RCS can only do a lot more and can therefore keep up with modern messenger apps.

Google wants to help RCS out of its previous dilemma

Just as many years ago, however, the network operators here in Germany failed with their own RCS apps. Everyone was cooking their own soup again and users weren't interested for that reason. After that, it didn't take long before Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica discontinued their apps. Telefonica even provides full RCS support for its own network, now the role is backwards.

Google takes a different approach, namely a universal one. RCS is supposed to be a system function on devices with a Messages app and one would like to be able to make the functionality available without the help of the network operator. For this purpose, a company called Jibe was bought some time ago in order to be able to offer the infrastructure. After various test runs, the time had come in November 2020, and Google launched the chat functions worldwide.

There shouldn't be barriers, as with SMS.

What does RCS cost: Is the SMS successor from and with Google actually free of charge?

Availability remains a fundamental problem for RCS

Almost three months later, however, little has changed. Unlike announced, users with tariffs without RCS support still have no access to the chat functions. In any case, it is the same for many people when you look at the forums and comments on the Internet. Others, however, have been using the chat functions for a long time. A big mess that Google actually wanted to get rid of.

The problem with RCS is currently the lack of availability, which users cannot work around themselves. With other messenger apps, you simply create an account. RCS, on the other hand, requires support from the network side, which we as users cannot influence.

Google is even expanding RCS to include end-to-end encryption, which the news standard does not actually master. But even this initiative only brings a weary smile from the market. Google's chat functions in messages are not an issue even during the current boom due to the anti-WhatsApp campaigns.

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