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TV reception - how to choose the right device

A key question for choosing the right device is how you receive your television programs. Because: It depends on the reception path which receiver (tuner) you need.

The following reception options are available:

  • via indoor or roof antenna - that is, terrestrial, also called DVB-T2 HD (detailed information on DVB-T2 HD)
  • digital by cable also called DVB-C. In this case, there is a contract with a cable operator
  • digital via satellite also called DVB-S
  • via the Internet via IPTV. This requires a receiver from the provider. This transmission variant has only been around for about 10-12 years. Examples of this are "Entertain" from Telekom Deutschland GmbH or "Vodafone TV".
  • via the internet via streaming. This transmission route has only existed for a few years. Examples of providers are Zattoo, and Joyn. It can be used via an app on the smart TV or via a smartphone or tablet.

Modern flat screen televisions have the receiver for digital reception (tuner) already integrated as standard (iDTV). This means that you neither need an additional receiver, such as a DVB-T2-HD, cable or satellite receiver, nor a second remote control. Your advantage: more convenience and less effort.

A so-called triple tuner, i.e. a receiver for digital antenna, cable and satellite television, is already built into almost all flat screen televisions. If the integrated receiver should break, that's no problem. You do not have to exchange it, you can connect an external receiver at any time.

There is no integrated receiver for TV reception over the Internet with IPTV. For this you need an additional device from the respective provider.

No special receiver is required when receiving television over the Internet via a streaming service provider. If you have a smart TV, you can use it via an app on the device; older flat-screen televisions can be "retrofitted" using an HDMI stick (e.g. Amazon Fire-TV Stick, Google Chrome Stick). Alternatively, the steaming service can also be carried out on the move with a smartphone or tablet (also using an app).

When buying, make sure that the receiver for the respective type of transmission is already integrated in the new television.
An integrated triplet tuner makes sense, then you are not limited to a single type of reception.