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Paytm Mall Store Manager

Note: If you are a shopkeeper / merchant and want to accept Paytm at your shop, please download the main Paytm App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.one97.paytm

Paytm Mall Store Manager App for Sellers:
Selling on Paytm Mall is the easiest way of starting a business online. Paytm Mall Store Manager let's you become a seller in just a few handy steps with flexibility of managing your product listings from any corner of the country on-the-go. Seamlessly create your listings, sell your products and be notified about new orders, returns raised, customer feedback and much more anytime & anywhere. Elevate to the next level of selling with our app that is effortlessly designed to enhance user experience.

What We Offer?

Sign-up: Not a seller yet? Give a kick to your business through Paytm Mall Store Manager. Seamlessly sign-up using the “Create Your Store Now” option. With this hassle-free sign-up, you can start selling on Paytm Mall.

Dashboard: Our Seller Services keeps you updated of your orders and returns every second. You can have a quick sight of all existing & new orders processing, returns, product rating, payment details & so on:

• View a speedy snapshot of your business on Paytm Mall Store Manager
• View orders summary & orders status, analyze trends of sales and orders
• View payment snapshot
• View store / catalog summary and top selling products
• View your overall rating & customer reviews

Order Management: Beep-beep! Get immediate alerts on new orders & returns, easy overview of all orders and much more on Paytm Mall Store Manager

• Receive notifications for new orders and canceled orders
• Manage complete order process, process your orders in a single step using “Create Shipment / Mark Shipped” option, manifest slip & packing slip sent to your registered email id automatically
• Search for a specific order by order, item, fulfillment, SKU, manifest or shipper ID or the AWB number

Catalog: Easily update your inventory, product’s prices & quantities, etc. to ensure that you never go out of stock.

• View expected payout of a particular product
• Manage the visibility of your products listed on Paytm Mall
• Update stock and price in real time
• Search specific product by product name / ID, merchant SKU ID, item or order ID

Payments: Paytm Mall Store Manager offers a rapid payment detail of every transaction and sends alerts of new payment in real time. Easily view date-wise & order-wise payment and search for payment for a particular order id & item id.

Profile: Quickly view your Paytm Mall account details on the app

Payout Calculator: Want to sell something new? Not sure how much you will get after selling an item? Now, calculate approximate payout amount using payout calculator on Paytm Mall Shopkeeper App.