Is building a PC dangerous?

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The great Gurupxc19

"Is dust in the PC dangerous?"

Mechanical parts suffer from dust - especially the fans. A lot of dust in the PC just doesn't look that good.
However, no dust gets into the drives from inside the PC. Dust can only penetrate when the drives are opened (probably not the case with hard drives :-)) - but it has nothing to do with the dust in the PC, but rather with the dust in the room. :-)


"Is dust in the PC dangerous?"

- A lot of dust on the heat sinks can reduce / hinder the air throughput and thus the cooling performance, so it can lead to malfunctions, of course, there must be a certain amount of dust in the PC :-)
- the LW's (at least CD / DVD and especially burner) are equipped with ventilation holes on the internal side ...
- with a friend it even led to a short circuit in the power supply, but when I saw his PC AFTER its cleaning action with compressed air, I was speechless again: there was as much dust on the graphics card as in my whole PC .. ..

You should get these filter mats in every hardware store, by the way
oh yes: most of the time you can "split" the mats, 1/2 of the thickness is usually enough ...
until then


"Is dust in the PC dangerous?"

Dust is not DANGEROUS. Only the consequences of tens of years of non-dust removal are then "dangerous". Namely when the fan is so dusty that it no longer rotates. So blow / suck away the dust about once a year and that's it.


“Dust is not DANGEROUS. Only the consequences of tens of years ... "

I see exactly the same way, the free fall in itself is also the safest form of movement, only the impact is a bit dangerous.
But I have to say that I prefer dust to free fall;)



Addendum to: "Is dust in the PC dangerous?"

Thanks for the answers. I already thought that there might be problems with the CD drives. There isn't that much dust in there either, I also rebuild something and then clean the tower (from the dust).

Is the temperature okay or how does it relate to e.g. an Athlon XP 1500?


"Thanks for the answers. I already thought that there might be problems ... "

should this CPU temp. correspond to the real ones, that would be absolutely ideal (it gets critical from 60-65 ° C, so you would have a lot of leeway)

until then
PS: ever seen a dust explosion? : -) == * gg just a joke ... until the dust causes damage to the hardware, a lot has to accumulate


"Is dust in the PC dangerous?"

Generally speaking, the dust is harmless - unless there is so much that the cooling performance is impaired.

but maybe one more tip ...
1000 additional fans are often installed, all of which just "ventilate"! this has the effect that the computer sucks air + dust into itself through all the open cracks. so I "scrapped" a floppy because the "lid" of the old thing didn't close properly. the thing was then choked with dust - and at some point no longer wanted!

Since I've been blowing about the same amount of air into the case as is being sucked out at the back, I still have dust in the case, but no longer in the openings of the floppy and cd drive.

but with your solution with fans in the side wall, which hopefully blow in, you don't have this problem!


Martin bassistpxc19

"Is dust in the PC dangerous?"


I have unfortunately had the experience that dust conducts? I don't really know! But there was a bit of dust on my old graphics card and then suddenly it no longer worked! When I had removed the graphics card, cleaned it and put it back in the same slot, everything worked again! Dust can also be very dangerous in this area because it may prevent the cooler from turning as well! I also had it on my old computer (450Mhz AMD K6-2 3DNOW) That's why my Prozzi burned through! By the way, it doesn't help if you have 10 fans in your computer! You should install a cooler in the top of the housing that draws in the air from outside and maybe a slot cooler that draws in! At the very bottom you should install a good, powerful extractor! So I also cool my PC and even after a week (run through) it has not yet come over 50C (should be very good according to AMD and this forum)

Yes hope that helps you !!

Kind regards

pxc19Martin bassist

"Hello, I have unfortunately had the experience that dust conducts? Actually know ... "

I also had case fans inside. But they didn't add anything. It just got louder and the cooling didn't get any better.
In addition, the fans generate such a "wind" that the air is pressed out of the tower as if there were a case fan in it. Air shoots out through all the cracks.


"Is dust in the PC dangerous?"

I think that with your not even 40 ° processor temp. have to have really good cooling, just leave out the additional fans!