Hate AirPods

The new AirPods are here

Hey Siri!

Outwardly, the Gen 1 and Gen 2 AirPods differ not at allbecause the dimensions are exactly the same. This is very surprising at Apple, because otherwise a detail somewhere in almost all products is such that a connoisseur knows whether someone is using the latest gadget or not. With the Apple Watch, for example, this feature is the digital crown, with the iPhones it is the colors: The digital crown can be used to distinguish whether someone is wearing a Series 4 with (red ring in the crown) or without an LTE module. The iPhone XS looks exactly the same as the iPhone X, but is available in gold.

The only, external unique selling proposition with the new AirPods, the charge status indicator, which is now located on the front of the wireless case, instead of inside the case between the two holding devices.

In the inner values, however, differences can be determined: The new H1 chip shortens video playback latency and also makes switching between playback devices faster. Unfortunately, it is still not possible to use the AirPods with two devices at the same time connect to.
In addition, the Battery life improved by 50% in conversations, which is very gratifying. You can now call for up to three hours per battery charge. Speaking of conversations, including those Voice quality and the Reduction of outside noise was improved.

A feature that is not yet very well received in Switzerland is Siri. The new AirPods now have the ability to command "Hey Siri" to be followed. So you can activate Apple's voice assistant without tapping anything or having to take your iPhone out of your pocket. Perhaps that will encourage some users to transfer more jobs to Siri?


The new AirPods look the same, but still perform better. I am particularly impressed by the improved battery life. Nevertheless, I have to honestly admit that after such a long time the update does not bring enough innovations. If I hadn't left my old AirPods on the plane and needed new ones anyway, I wouldn't be so happy with them now. If you still have well-functioning Gen 1 AirPods, you can only consider upgrading to the wireless charging case.

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