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Open construction promotes individual living ...

... conventional construction dictates its use

Great effect, little effort: the choice of color and the effect of the room are closely related

When arranging the room, keep in mind that children prefer to play near the adults

Whether the environment is green and the green can be used is especially important for parents with children

Kitchens can bring families together, but they can also separate them

If there is no possibility of “positive appropriation”, appropriation breaks through in a destructive way


For further reading:
Antje Flade: Living - psychologically considered, Verlag Hans Huber, Bern 2006 (2nd, completely revised and expanded edition), 262 pages, 19.95 euros
Antje Flade: Architecture - considered psychologically, Verlag Hans Huber, Bern 2008, 334 pages, 24.95 euros
Paul Klaus-Dieter Bär: Architectural Psychology. Psychosocial aspects of living, Psychosozial-Verlag, Giessen 2008, 223 pages, 22.90 euros


Advice and action

Right to feel good
Tenants can basically furnish their apartment the way they like it. You are free to design the walls. You can paint the walls purple and black, or add mountain stream photo murals. However, the landlord can demand that the walls have a more neutral, moderate color tone when moving out. Equipment such as carpets, lofts, loft beds or built-in cupboards are also permitted, but must be removed upon request when moving out.
Structural changes such as wall openings, the insertion of partition walls or the replacement of doors are not permitted without the consent of the landlord. You should definitely get permission in writing so that you can prove the landlord's consent if a dispute arises when moving out.


The Hamburg psychologist Antje Flade conducts research on living and mobility and is the author of the books “Living - psychologically considered” and “Architecture - psychologically considered”.
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Berlin tenants' association