Why are the schools overcrowded

Badly planned corona easing : Why are schools not providing the best protection?

Yes, one can come to the conclusion that schools and daycare centers can be reopened. Given the currently low and thus largely controllable infections, the right to education can be given priority over the currently low risk of a new wave of infections with (too) many seriously ill or dead people.

Despite scientific uncertainties about the extent of the infectiousness of children infected with Sars-CoV-2 and its importance for the spread of the virus, this experiment can be carried out on schoolchildren, teachers, educators, parents, caretakers and many others Schools and daycare centers dare to employ them.

You can reward yourself and this country with a little normalcy after difficult but successful weeks of strict infection protection.

But how can one violate one's duty of care for all these people at the same time as those responsible in education ministries, education ministers' conferences, senate committees and school offices up and down the country do?

Mask requirement - why not also in all schools?

How can it be that restaurant and hardware store staff have to wear a mask, but until today it is up to each school to decide whether or not the mouth and nose veils, which have now been proven to be protective, are compulsory there? How can you formulate distance rules at the green table, but then leave it largely to the schools, which were already overcrowded before Corona, to conjure up the necessary space?

How can you not understand the appeal to careful hand hygiene with disinfectants as a bad joke when school principals are supposed to get the bottles from the school office themselves? Individual examples that document the system error: Companies are prescribed by the state how they have to implement infection control rules. But the help-yourself principle applies to their own state-owned companies.

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Is it not worth the money for the state, which invests more than ever, to equip schools, daycare centers and other facilities with what is necessary for a safe, caring opening?

So far, politics has been able to withdraw from the fact that the first wave came too surprising to put together millions of protection packages in a short time. After six corona months, the argument no longer works. Everything that (not) happens now is bad organization or a lack of will.

It's not just about the kids

There is a lot at stake here: It's not just about the children, who rarely get seriously ill with Covid-19. It's about those who put them at risk if they are infected: parents, family - and it should also be borne in mind that many teachers in this country are older, i.e. potentially at risk.

And it's about the loss of confidence in politics when a badly organized, hasty school opening has to be reversed because the situation is spiraling out of control - as in Israel, as in Göttingen, as in Skellefteå in Sweden.

Things have to go better at the start of the next school year than now. In addition to protective equipment for schoolchildren and teachers, this includes a coherent test system that detects infected people at an early stage and enables scientific studies of the spread of the virus in schools and daycare centers. Ensuring this requires less money than organizational will. You should come up with it quickly. Before all good resolutions are lost on vacation.

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