Do you want to hear someone

How to become a fascinating personality (you won't want to hear the second point).

If I asked you if you wanted to be called a fascinating personality, then of course everyone would shout “Yes!” Out loud.
Sure, you want to be friends with people like that, have them as a life partner or work with them.
Or at least have a coffee with them, because afterwards you are inspired, refreshed and motivated.

A completely (I repeat: PERFECTLY) false image of great personalities is conveyed through the media:
there fame and / or success is equated with admirable character.
Incidentally, since social media only (dubious) fame has been enough and the whole thing runs on an even lower level:
from a certain level of awareness you will be adored, admired and applauded - even if you have the personality of a sock.

And even the “great” successful people in history have, apart from their success, sometimes such a lousy nature and such ‘fruitful life that you get the cold horror as soon as you look behind the scenes.
(Jil and I spent every evening in Berlin learning the biographies of famous people like politicians, actors and kings, and it was all so incredibly horrible that we could hardly believe it.)
Often there is money + power = personality outside, and that is a huge delusion.

Don't get me wrong:
Fame and success in and of itself is nothing wrong or negative, on the contrary - but it does not automatically give you a great personality, a strong character or an attractive being.

So how does one become a personality that fascinates others?
It takes 2 things ...

1. You become a fascinating personality by the way you deal with difficulties.

You only become a personality when you keep making decisions in the midst of difficulties and challenges:
Against bitterness and for forgiveness.
Against fear and for trust.
Against sadness, discouragement and frustration and for sticking with it, carrying on and pulling through.
Against "I can't do it, I can't do it, that's too much for me, I give up." And for "Now I'm just getting warm."

Nobody likes challenges, and we would like it best if everything always went smoothly, that's clear.
But only then do you have the chance to REALLY decide.
People, for whom everything always goes well, are unfortunately mostly boring as well.
This is because they never had the chance to build real substance, stamina, determination, fearlessness, personality.

And now hand on your heart, how often have you thought:
"If only it weren't for this and that challenge - I could be soooo happy!"
"If I only had enough money - everything would be perfect!"
"If this and that had never happened to you - my life would have been so much better!"
"If I only had my dream man / child / job / house - what would it be easy for me!"

Yes, life would often be easier - but do you really want to have the personality of a toast?
Do you want to be someone who collapses at every challenge, is discouraged at the slightest difficulty, and constantly needs outside encouragement?
Do you want to be someone who has nothing to say because he says a lot, but everything is just shallow talk (and everyone notices)?
Do you want to be someone who belts out a few positive platitudes (by the way, it's also really big online right now: every blogger writes a bit of life coaching), but all of it sounds like fridge magnet wisdom?
Do you want to be someone who is doing well, but who is synonymous with “good” for “lame”?
Do you want to have hardly any difficulties, but constantly live below your potential?
At the age of 40, do you want to have the essence of a 14-year-old teenager who is quick to get grumpy, constantly insulted or gossiping because he then feels so much better himself?
Or do you want to surround yourself with cats, disappointed in life and other people, at the age of 50, because “all men are pigs”?
Or do you want to “just have your peace and quiet” at the age of 60, so you don't want to move anything?

Joanna, I have so many difficulties - what must I be fascinating!
Not correct.
It's not about having a lot of trouble - any fool can maneuver into trouble.
It's about making decisions over and over again in the face of challenges.
And it is absolutely clear that these decisions are not that easy!

You can have hundreds of difficulties - if you don't make your decisions, you will simply become bitter (= increase in disappointment and hurt), suspicious or curmudgeonly.
That is certainly not fascinating.
Challenges do not get you any further, unless you overcome them and do not allow you to be overcome by them.



2. The difficulty that brings the greatest personality boost must actually overwhelm you.

The difficulties that make up your personality must be BIGGER than what you are currently facing.
Some cry at the slightest problem, have sleepless nights with trivialities, are down at the slightest resistance - I'm not talking about that.
It has to feel like you think, "That's it. I can not anymore. I give up. Everything is going down the drain. My life is worthless. Everything doesn't make sense. "
It must actually be overwhelming for you.

Exactly at this point is the potential for the greatest personal development of your life, trust me!
You can decide right NOW.
Right NOW you can set the course again.
Right NOW you can look the devil in the face, straighten your shoulders, and make an announcement (how to make an announcement, stand HERE).
Right NOW you can dry your tears, blow your nose, and decide that you are going to grow beyond yourself.
Exactly NOW it shows who is a real love ambassador, because that has nothing to do with a beautiful lifestyle, but with the simple question:
Who do you represent
Who do you make your feelings available to?
What does your life represent

You can, mind you.
You must not.
Alternatively, you can avoid difficulties and always live so that none of them occur.
You can avoid any confrontation and sweep everything under the rug.
In the future you can avoid anything that could ever bring you into this situation again and never believe in great things again.
You can just feel sorry for yourself.
You can complain, and whine, and complain.
You can give up and bury your plans and ideas because it doesn't work out after all.
You can be angry and hurt and blame others.
And everyone will understand because EVERYONE ELSE WILL DO THIS TOO!

This is always the simplest solution, presented on a silver platter, the devil always argues excellently, you have to give him that.

But do you want to be someone of the crowd?
Do you want to fish in mediocrity, have a mediocre life, mediocre partnership, mediocre income, mediocre relationships, mediocre personality?

OK, Joanna, but how do I do that? Right now I could only cry because I don't see any solution at all.

I believe you about that.

And right here and now you can decide.
Against your feelings and against your mind.
Important: AGAINST your feelings.
You mustn't wait until you feel like this (again: tens of thousands do that, and if they haven't died ...).
You mustn't wait for your mind to give you its approval ("Yes, that could be the solution, I can already see it, so we don't need to be depressed anymore.")

You make a decision and ignore your feelings and all of the drama and how bad it all is.
You are making a decision BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE ME.
A high requirement on my part, I know. But I also know that every word I say will save your life.

This decision is called attack and not retreat.
That decision is called forward, not backward.
This decision is called size and not holding back, being small-minded and hating.
This decision is called dignity, strength, love - and not fear, panic, despair and depression.
This decision means "Let's go!" And roll up your sleeves, and not "That's it, I'll give up."

But Joanna, I can't do it! I'm so devastated, something very bad happened.

As much as I regret it, I'm sticking to it:
either, it will actually be the worst of your life - or a whole new start.
The fastest boost you've ever experienced, the greatest stepping stone into a whole new level of self-confidence, the greatest chance for an unparalleled personality boost.
So don't let it go by, grab it with both hands!

But Joanna, I'm so sad!
Ignore it.
Moving forward in a situation like this, making decisions, and not being crushed, doesn't feel good.
The feeling can last a little while longer, but it goes away, I promise.

But Joanna, how is that supposed to go away, I can't imagine that! "
Ignore that too.
Of course, your mind cannot imagine that in this situation, it just adds up the facts and says: no solution.
So ignore it.

What knocked you out of your comfort zone may be painful, unexpected, or catastrophic.
But it is up to you to turn this situation into one of your greatest victories:
By mastering all of this magnificently, overcoming the difficulties, and afterwards being brighter and stronger than ever before.

Incidentally, personality training is exactly the same as muscle training:
only those who can lift heavy weights are actually strong and may make it onto the podium.
The worse your situation, the more potential you have to become the strongest and most beautiful character of all.

So if you are in the midst of dire circumstances, then today you have the chance to make the right decisions right now and to take another mile step in terms of a strong, fascinating personality.

Congratulations on this;).

Love greetings