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The fishing exam

The fishing exam is a prerequisite for going fishing in Baden-Württemberg.
The State Fisheries Association offers regular and nationwide preparatory courses through the clubs. There are training associations in every district.
The courses cover the following topics:
• General and Special Fish Studies,
• aquatic ecology and fish enclosure,
• device knowledge,
• Fishing rights, animal and nature protection,
• fishing technique,
• Treatment and recovery of fish as well
• Device practice

Fishing in Baden-Wuerttemberg

There are around 150,000 anglers in Baden-Württemberg. The fishing test is the start of angling. In order to be able to acquire a fishing license, you have to complete at least 30 hours of training in Baden-Württemberg and then take an exam. This means that all anglers are also trained users and protectors of nature.

Everyone can fish

There are suitable fishing offers for all age groups. Anyone who wants to go fishing from the age of 16 must have passed the fishing license. Younger children and teenagers will find a variety of offers in the clubs to learn to fish.

New members are very welcome in the clubs nationwide!

There are over 900 fishing clubs in the country and many opportunities between the Rhine, Lake Constance, Danube, Neckar and Tauber to pursue angling in a variety of ways.

The way to fishing in detail:

Since October 1st, 2020, the preparation for the fishing exam can be carried out as an online course with a practical day - no longer exclusively as a face-to-face preparation course with compulsory attendance.

So there are the following ways to take the fishing exam:

1a. Preparatory course

Registration for the preparatory course takes place with the course director or the fishing club. Preparatory courses are offered in spring and autumn. Who conducts courses and where courses take place will be announced on the LFV BW homepage from December for the spring courses and from mid-March for the autumn courses. For more information, see the community bulletin and the local press.

Since January 1st, 2019 the course fee has been 200 euros for adults and 130 euros for young people up to 18 years of age.

Participation in a preparatory course of at least 30 hours is compulsory. Participation in the course must cover all examination areas with the respective minimum number of hours. After completing the course, the participant receives a “proof of participation in the preparatory course”, in which the hours completed are certified. If he has achieved the prescribed minimum number of hours in all subject areas, he can be admitted to the state fishing test.

To prepare for the fishing exam we offer learning material through the course leaders in the courses on site. E.g. the book "Catalog of questions for the fishing exam". Available in our online shop.


Preparatory courses - exam July 2021

Autumn courses - exam November 2021

Registration takes place directly with the course director.


1b. Online course with a practical day

The procedure is as follows:

First, the participant registers for the online course online via Fishing King. That can be done at any time. https://www.fishing-king.de/baden-wuerttemberg-angelschein-machen/

The costs for the online part are given there.

If additional printed learning material is to be ordered, this can also be done there.

The participant begins to learn. The material lasts 30 hours. That doesn't sound like much, but: If someone is not working or takes a week off to do so, they can learn very well in one week. But if someone works full-time or has school and then has an hour to go and maybe a family who demands a lot of work, then it takes a lot of planning and your own discipline if you want to create undisturbed learning for even half an hour a day - and then the 30 hours quickly become 60 days, i.e. a full 2 ​​months.

When the participant has finished learning the material and has passed the intermediate controls and mock exams, he can register for his practical day via the system. Many new practice days are constantly being set - in new places, at different dates - just keep looking again and only then decide on a practice day that suits the location and date.

For minors who take part in the practice day without a legal guardian: please print out the declaration of consent, have it signed by a legal guardian and bring it with you to the practice day.

When the participant has set his practice day, the participant can register for the exam via the system. Registration for the exam date must be made at least 8 weeks before the exam date.

Costs for the practice day and the exam:

The costs for the practice day are 150.00 euros, the costs for the examination 35.00 euros. They are to be paid in one sum to the State Fisheries Association. The account details are also available on the Fishing-King homepage under “All information about the practice day”.

And: the participant must arrange the payment for the practice day and examination in good time - if the payment is not received 14 days before the practice day, the participant will be excluded from the practice day.

2. The fishing exam

The state fishing examination is carried out by the Baden-Württemberg State Fisheries Association. The dates for the state fishing exam 2021 are on February 20, 2021, May 8, 2021, July 17, 2021 and November 20, 2021. The exam takes 2 hours each.

In the case of face-to-face preparatory courses, registration for the exam is usually done via the course leader, who collects the examination fee (currently 35 euros) together with the course fee.

For the online course with a practical day, the participant registers via the system. The participant has usually already paid the examination fee together with the practice fee.

An examination takes place at least once a year in each district. Participants in the preparatory course must bring "proof of participation in the preparatory course" as well as an identity card or passport with them. Participants in the online course with a practical day bring the completed certificate, stamped and signed by the instructor from the practical day, as well as an identity card or passport with them. Without the required documents, the participant is not allowed to take the exam.

The exam is written (multiple choice) and lasts 2 hours. There are 60 questions - 12 each from each subject - from the fund of the LFV BW question catalog to be answered. Those who have answered at least 45 questions correctly have passed, whereby at least half of the questions from each subject must be answered correctly.

After the examination has been evaluated, the participant receives his / her certificate or a notification that the examination has not been passed. Please keep the examination certificate and proof of participation in the preparatory course in a safe place.

Exam participants who fail the exam and those who were unable to take part have the opportunity to take the next exam. You have to register directly with the State Fisheries Association. The registration period is 5 weeks.

Examinations taken outside the state of Baden-Württemberg are only valid as proof of competence for persons who did not have a place of residence in Baden-Württemberg at the time of the examination.

3. Fishing license

After passing the exam, you can apply for a fishing license for life at the responsible municipality by submitting the examination certificate, which will be handed out after you have paid the fishing fee (currently EUR 8 per year) and the administration fee (depending on the municipality's fee schedule).

According to § 14 of the State Fisheries Ordinance, people who stay in the Federal Republic of Germany for no longer than a month do not need a certificate of competence. As a “vacationer” you will receive a fishing license from the local town hall.

4. Permit

If you are not the owner or leaseholder of a body of water yourself, a permit (permit, day ticket) for fishing in the respective body of water is required by the holder of the fishing license or the leaseholder.

Youth fishing license

Young people who have reached the age of ten but not yet sixteen do not need a fishing license if they can obtain a youth fishing license from the municipality. However, the youth fishing license only entitles the holder to fish under the supervision of an adult (at least 18 years old) who is in possession of a valid fishing license. The youth fishing license is issued until the end of the calendar year in which the young person turns sixteen. Young people do not have to take a fishing test, but can do so from the age of 10. However, it is recommended that you do not take the fishing test until you are 14 years old.

Information on obtaining a fishing license for foreign citizens

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